The weather in Thailand
Weather forecast for 13 December 2019

9-16 °C   
26-31 °C   

11-16 °C   
29-30 °C   

16-20 °C   
31-33 °C   

18-22 °C
32-33 °C

19-25 °C   
28-32 °C   

22-25 °C   
32-33 °C   

Northern Thailand

Temperature: 9-16 °C / 26-31 °C
No rain in sight, and it gets normally hot.

Northeastern Thailand

Temperature: 11-16 °C / 29-30 °C
The sun will shine uninterruptedly today and it will be quite warm.

Central Thailand

Temperature: 16-20 °C / 31-33 °C
It gets normally warm and it remains dry.

Eastern Thailand

Temperature: 18-22 °C / 32-33 °C
Normal, Thai heat and no rain today.

Southern Thailand / east coast

Temperature: 19-25 °C / 28-32 °C
Attention, today there may be thunderstorms and it will be quite warm. Mostly in Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla and Yala.

Southern Thailand / west coast

Temperature: 22-25 °C / 32-33 °C
Those who fear lightning and thunder might want to stay home today. It gets quite warm. Mostly in Krabi, Satun and Trang.


Temperature: 20-22 °C / 31-33 °C
The sun will shine uninterruptedly today and it will be quite warm.

posted on: 12.12.2019

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