Crisscross Udon Thani

Udon Thani City, the capital of the province, is changing at a breathtaking speed. The town is now littered with many large scale constructions. From the once relatively peaceful provincial capital, a city that offers a lot of potential for investors and people is now emerging. It remains to be seen how successful the planners and developers will be in their various projects.

We want the visitors of this site to gain an ongoing insight into "the life" in Udon. In this 'Back and Forth' section you will find a selection of photos trying to convey what the participants on a city tour would find to be of most interest - and perhaps also find some new and undiscovered insights. Additional information will be provided if necessary. The "Crisscross" section will be constantly expanded and updated. Enjoy!

The lakes in Udon Thani - Nong Sim

The Nong Sim Lake in Udon Thani has been somewhat neglected by visitors, even though the lake is located near the city centre and offers quite a good location for shops and restaurants. The potential here now seems to have been noticed by a few businessmen, and now there is 'The Book House and Coffee Shop' restaurant (soon to be known as 'Oliver's at the lake'), and 'Chern Chim' - imported falang foods, and restaurant.

Nong Sim Udon Thani

Nong Sim Udon Thani

posted on: 04.10.2012 - last update on: 05.06.2014

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