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44. Calendar week 2012
Tuesday30.10.201232.7569 THB39.6058 THB49.2602 THB30.6713 THB
Monday29.10.201232.5736 THB39.3980 THB49.0395 THB30.4572 THB
43. Calendar week 2012
Sunday28.10.201232.5719 THB39.3949 THB49.0379 THB30.4570 THB
Saturday27.10.201232.7696 THB39.6424 THB49.3870 THB30.6560 THB
Friday26.10.201232.8666 THB39.7609 THB49.2963 THB30.6428 THB
Thursday25.10.201232.8892 THB39.8015 THB49.0712 THB30.6961 THB
Wednesday24.10.201233.0113 THB39.9605 THB49.0624 THB30.6935 THB
Tuesday23.10.201233.0994 THB40.0402 THB49.1635 THB30.6871 THB
Monday22.10.201232.8461 THB39.7051 THB48.7942 THB30.4920 THB
42. Calendar week 2012
Sunday21.10.201232.8417 THB39.6986 THB48.7828 THB30.4860 THB
Saturday20.10.201233.0809 THB39.9881 THB49.1465 THB30.6392 THB
Friday19.10.201233.1305 THB40.0701 THB49.3297 THB30.5890 THB
Thursday18.10.201233.1170 THB40.0762 THB49.3467 THB30.5713 THB
Wednesday17.10.201232.9400 THB39.8230 THB49.2860 THB30.6286 THB
Tuesday16.10.201232.8183 THB39.6714 THB49.2310 THB30.6624 THB

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