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52. Calendar week 2012
Saturday29.12.201233.4593 THB40.4305 THB49.2937 THB30.5745 THB
Friday28.12.201233.5286 THB40.5193 THB49.3801 THB30.6009 THB
Thursday27.12.201233.4055 THB40.3349 THB49.2985 THB30.5613 THB
Wednesday26.12.201233.3599 THB40.2761 THB49.2732 THB30.5430 THB
Tuesday25.12.201233.3796 THB40.3174 THB49.3824 THB30.5611 THB
Monday24.12.201233.1619 THB40.0462 THB49.0988 THB30.3707 THB
51. Calendar week 2012
Sunday23.12.201233.1546 THB40.0373 THB49.0870 THB30.3630 THB
Saturday22.12.201233.4228 THB40.3563 THB49.6136 THB30.5715 THB
Friday21.12.201233.5156 THB40.4773 THB49.7429 THB30.5893 THB
Thursday20.12.201233.5061 THB40.4894 THB49.7089 THB30.5562 THB
Wednesday19.12.201233.3264 THB40.2614 THB49.5312 THB30.5400 THB
Tuesday18.12.201233.2690 THB40.2030 THB49.4447 THB30.5473 THB
Monday17.12.201233.0900 THB39.9761 THB49.1210 THB30.3746 THB
50. Calendar week 2012
Sunday16.12.201233.0805 THB39.9644 THB49.1085 THB30.3669 THB
Saturday15.12.201233.1612 THB40.0724 THB49.3326 THB30.5889 THB

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