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09. Calendar week 2021
Friday05.03.202132.3925 THB36.0413 THB41.8249 THB30.2000 THB
Thursday04.03.202132.6334 THB36.2220 THB41.8502 THB30.1100 THB
Wednesday03.03.202132.6903 THB36.1877 THB41.7672 THB30.0200 THB
Tuesday02.03.202132.7579 THB36.1020 THB41.6683 THB30.1200 THB
Monday01.03.202132.9067 THB36.1711 THB41.8372 THB29.9900 THB
08. Calendar week 2021
Friday26.02.202133.0816 THB36.4663 THB41.9015 THB30.0500 THB
Thursday25.02.202132.9011 THB36.3846 THB42.1865 THB29.8800 THB
Wednesday24.02.202132.7778 THB36.1201 THB41.9660 THB29.7900 THB
Tuesday23.02.202133.1129 THB36.1165 THB41.7430 THB29.7500 THB
Monday22.02.202133.0234 THB35.9406 THB41.5779 THB29.7200 THB
07. Calendar week 2021
Friday19.02.202133.0848 THB35.8855 THB41.4325 THB29.7500 THB
Thursday18.02.202132.9713 THB35.7054 THB41.0894 THB29.7200 THB
Wednesday17.02.202133.1375 THB35.8282 THB41.0711 THB29.7100 THB
Tuesday16.02.202133.1740 THB35.8325 THB41.0872 THB29.6000 THB
Monday15.02.202133.0948 THB35.8090 THB40.9627 THB29.6200 THB

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