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40. Calendar week 2020
Monday28.09.202033.7512 THB36.4950 THB40.0026 THB31.4500 THB
39. Calendar week 2020
Friday25.09.202033.6607 THB36.4385 THB39.7814 THB31.3200 THB
Thursday24.09.202033.8633 THB36.4808 THB39.7358 THB31.3400 THB
Wednesday23.09.202033.8208 THB36.4243 THB39.5033 THB31.2700 THB
Tuesday22.09.202033.8706 THB36.5001 THB39.7110 THB31.1000 THB
Monday21.09.202033.8112 THB36.4773 THB39.7595 THB30.8900 THB
38. Calendar week 2020
Friday18.09.202033.8685 THB36.4916 THB39.9090 THB30.8600 THB
Thursday17.09.202033.7992 THB36.2965 THB39.8351 THB30.9800 THB
Wednesday16.09.202033.9167 THB36.5116 THB39.6754 THB30.8900 THB
Tuesday15.09.202034.0296 THB36.7125 THB39.6554 THB31.0200 THB
Monday14.09.202034.0338 THB36.6613 THB39.5955 THB31.0600 THB
37. Calendar week 2020
Friday11.09.202034.0387 THB36.6803 THB39.6383 THB31.0800 THB
Thursday10.09.202034.0478 THB36.6670 THB40.3014 THB31.0900 THB
Wednesday09.09.202033.8221 THB36.5911 THB40.2449 THB31.1600 THB
Tuesday08.09.202033.8663 THB36.7105 THB40.8570 THB31.1800 THB

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