The development of consumer prices in Thailand

Prospective emigrants to Thailand often ask what the cost of living over here is. They want to know what are the relative costs for their day-to-day living.

We have tackled this issue and are trying to establish statistics on the differences of prices in Thailand. Every month we record the price of a representative basket, transfer the data to a retrievable database, and evaluate the result using graphs. The monthly data is displayed in a table.

To clearly display the data and make an evaluation on the basis of groups of goods, we have divided the products into sections. Thus it is easy to compare prices for each group of goods. To make things easier, we have adjusted the prices of commodities before the calculation to 1 kg for each product. In the various product groups, we have formed an index for each category based on the price for 1 kg of this product.

The start date of our data is the 8th August 2011. From the 15th August we continuously published the changes in commodity group indices on a monthly chart. The calculations of the changes are presented in the graphs. Moreover, in each monthly report on commodity prices, an overall presentation is used to compare the group indices and their changes.

We haven't necessarily covered all items that might be regularly bought by the prospective emigrant to Thailand. We tried to include all relevant basic foodstuffs and some other common goods in the basket. We think that the representative groups of goods give a good guide to the trends of inflation in Thailand.

Since Makro is used by many farangs in Udon, we have decided to take their prices for our statistics. We are not trying to recommend Makro in any way by this choice. There is certainly a wide variety of supermarkets in Udon Thani. Other products, as selected by us, may be available cheaper or better in one or more of them. We don`t want to compare prices or give advice where to get the best or cheapest goods. Our aim is to find out where the trend of price development is going. To view the current prices, please visit the article:

Current price survey

To get the prices and evaluations of the past months, please visit our

List of all previous price surveys

posted on: 30.09.2012 - last update on: 02.09.2014

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