Sports and Recreation in Udon Thani

Sports and leisure facilities in Udon Thani and the surrounding area: the options are very varied and there's plenty of choice! For all information on the best sports and leisure options in Udon Thani, check out the following linked articles on Udon-News.

  golfing in Udon Thani
Golf in Udon Thani
fishing in Udon Thani
Angeln in Udon Thani


Where can I find the best golf courses, what will they cost and what facilities do they have?

The golf courses of Udon Thani

Where can you catch the biggest fish in Udon?

The fishing lakes of Udon


horse racing in Udon Thani
Pferderennen Udon Thani
  horse racing in Udon Thani
   Reiten in Udon Thani


Is there a racecourse in Udon?

Intergamespark racecourse


tennis in Udon Thani
Tennis Udon Thani
Muay Thai in Udon Thani
Muay Thai Udon Thani


Where can I play tennis in Udon Thani?

At the Udon Thani Tennis Club

Thai boxing / Muay Thai - where can I practise it in Udon Thani?

Thai boxing in Udon Thani


badminton in Udon Thani
Badminton Udon Thani
sport shooting in Udon Thani
Sportschießen Udon Thani


I'd like to play indoor badminton, where can I do this in Udon Thani?

The Trilert Badminton Court Udon Thani

I like sport shooting, where can I do this in Udon?

At the Shooting Club Udon Thani


Sport and RC Flying in Udon Thani

Sportfliegen Udon Thani   


Where can I let off my RC helicopter in Udon Thani?

At the Udon RC Flying Club


parachuting and much more in Sakon Nakhon

Fallschirmspringen Udon Thani


I'm looking for some action and adventure, something really exciting. Where can I find the right activities for me in Udon Thani?

At the Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort


  Pétanque in Udon Thani
Pétanque in Udon Thani


Where can you play pétanque in Udon?

Pétanque in Udon Thani

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From Tharon Chandler in Udon Thani on Tuesday , 13th of January ; 2015 I had just walked out of the hotel door and i heard a 'schreech', and a bang along with some shreiks and slowly figured out that a terrible accident had happened, caddy - corner across the street and then i could see there was a moter- scooter down and the three students downed by a black car which now had water substance running out the dented front end , with a puddle forming beneath. Then two of the youngsters had gotten up okay but the other girl was sitting , dazed and confused and couldn't stand up. Then the other girl was bending over nearby , crying out to her and then the hurt girl was crying.

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