Depositing money into a Thai account

If you have succeeded in opening your own Thai account and now want to make a deposit, then there are several options, but some are not always available depending on your bank.

Depositing money at a bank counter

This is the most traditional method to stock your Thai bank account with money, but also the most uncomfortable and time-consuming .

In the bank branches you will find deposit forms. You fill out a form with your details and submit it, along with the cash or cheque, to the tellers at the counter. The money will be credited to your account and you will receive a carbon copy of the deposit form as a receipt. Otherwise, you can give the teller the money with your account book, and they will fill out the form, only leaving you to sign it.

If you are submitting your passbook along with the form and the money then the book will be immediately updated.

Depositing money into a CDM

Many banks in Thailand have a CDM (cash deposit machine) outside the branch for you to deposit cash.

Once you have input your bank card, most machines will ask where you want the money to go (your own or someone else's account). Choose your option, and then put the bills in the money slot.

The machine counts the money, shows you the amount on the display and you confirm the amount displayed by one click on 'ok'. To finish you choose 'cancel' and you will get a printed acknowledgement slip.

Depositing money by bank transfer to the account

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Deposit money without a bank card to your own account

Many deposit machines offer the option to pay money to any account of a Thai bank. Thus you have the opportunity, even without using your bank card,  to deposit cash into your account. Of course you need to have your account number and the name of your bank.

During the transaction, the machine will first ask which bank you use, and you can select from a list on the display. Then enter the account number, and the machine will display the name of the account holder. Confirm the account number and name together, then carry on as described above.

Deposit money without a bank card to another account

As above, with the difference that you enter the account information of the other account.

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posted on: 11.02.2014 - last update on: 24.03.2015

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