Cost of Living Calculator Thailand

With the cost calculator for Thailand on Udon-News, we have developed a tool that allows the individual to estimate his montly expendature.

The figures stated in the 'average monthly consumption' columns is provided to give the user an idea of what their consumption for each item might be.

Please enter your estimated monthly consumption in the box associated with each product. At the end of each line you will immediately see the monthly cost of your usage. At the end of the table you can also calculate your fuel costs. In addition to the economy of the vehicle per 100 km you must also include the estimated monthly mileage. On the last line, the costs are added together and you can see your monthly cost.

Of course, living in Thailand brings a variety of other costs. Dining, leisure, medical, insurance, energy, rent / property, gifts, family, clothing, etc. are issues that the potential emigrant to Thailand must address.

Beverages Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Nestle Pure Life Water 76.04 litre 388.66 THB litre 0.00 THB
Cola 6.67 litre 121.11 THB litre 0.00 THB
Leo Beer 10.42 litre 839.12 THB litre 0.00 THB
Montclair Red Wine 1.67 litre 797.78 THB litre 0.00 THB
Tipco orange juice 2.92 litre 164.31 THB litre 0.00 THB
Thai rum Sang Som 0.50 litre 220.71 THB litre 0.00 THB
Coffee Nescafe Red Cup 63.92 Cups (0.2 litres) 133.28 THB Cups (0.2 litres) 0.00 THB
Lipton Yellow Label Tea 15.31 Bags of 2 grams 25.88 THB Bags of 2 grams 0.00 THB
Fruit Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Papaya sweet 1.77 kg (each) 104.53 THB kg 0.00 THB
Pineapple 47.84 THB kg 0.00 THB
Bananas 53.15 THB kg 0.00 THB
Mango variety Nam Dok Mai 175.40 THB kg 0.00 THB
Apples 210.83 THB kg 0.00 THB
Vegetables Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Large onions 0.99 kg (each) 34.60 THB kg 0.00 THB
Carrots 27.68 THB kg 0.00 THB
Broccoli 138.40 THB kg 0.00 THB
Oak leaf lettuce brighter 127.52 THB kg 0.00 THB
Large tomatoes 47.45 THB kg 0.00 THB
Small tomatoes 38.55 THB kg 0.00 THB
Small cucumber 18.78 THB kg 0.00 THB
Leek 95.55 THB kg 0.00 THB
Meat Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Thai beef muscle meat 1.09 kg 360.25 THB kg 0.00 THB
Chicken leg drumstick 0.79 kg 40.95 THB kg 0.00 THB
Chicken breast without skin 0.79 kg 75.60 THB kg 0.00 THB
NZ lamb leg of lamb 0.04 kg 12.46 THB kg 0.00 THB
AU lamb rack 0.04 kg 20.75 THB kg 0.00 THB
Pork loin 3.15 kg (total) 481.95 THB kg 0.00 THB
Italian salami sausage TGM 322.34 THB kg 0.00 THB
Pork sausage BMP 108.00 THB kg 0.00 THB
Ham (Press ham) CP 198.00 THB kg 0.00 THB
Fish and Seafood Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Mrigal Rohu 0.14 kg (each) 5.53 THB kg 0.00 THB
Snakehead 18.27 THB kg 0.00 THB
Salmon 134.58 THB kg 0.00 THB
Walking catfish 9.21 THB kg 0.00 THB
Tilapia 1 kg 11.33 THB kg 0.00 THB
White shrimp 25.36 THB kg 0.00 THB
1 kg + cleaned squid 48.45 THB kg 0.00 THB
Shrimp he 200-242 sorting TK 31.88 THB kg 0.00 THB
Dory fish pangasius TK ARO 10.20 THB kg 0.00 THB
Spices Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Ground white pepper 62.75 gr (total) 4.13 THB Gram 0.00 THB
Thai pepper powder 10.28 THB Gram 0.00 THB
Chinese garlic 2.32 THB Gram 0.00 THB
Chili 1.89 THB Gram 0.00 THB
Dairy products Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Meiji fresh milk 5.69 kg (total) 294.96 THB litre 0.00 THB
Plain yogurt Dutchie 111.49 THB kg 0.00 THB
Anchor whipping cream 0.47 litre 92.87 THB litre 0.00 THB
Butter Orchid OS 0.50 kg 264.32 THB kg 0.00 THB
Edam cheese by Emborg 1.93 kg 835.86 THB kg 0.00 THB
Other Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
Penne pasta Angnesi 8.11 kg (total) 164.33 THB kg 0.00 THB
Force bread grain 611.60 THB kg 0.00 THB
Baguette bread 368.56 THB kg 0.00 THB
Flour UFM 18.92 THB kg 0.00 THB
Cookies Oreo Sandwich Cookies 90.75 THB kg 0.00 THB
White sugar 0.45 kg 9.74 THB kg 0.00 THB
Salt Drungtip 0.01 kg 0.07 THB kg 0.00 THB
Soup Potatoes 4.75 kg 171.00 THB kg 0.00 THB
Thai Hom Mali Rice Sandee 0.45 kg 14.31 THB kg 0.00 THB
Imperial Margarine 0.41 kg 114.33 THB kg 0.00 THB
Angoon soybean oil 0.93 litre 38.27 THB litre 0.00 THB
Eggs 17.67 Piece 71.26 THB Piece 0.00 THB
Nestle Ice Cream Chok chip 0.58 kg 95.83 THB kg 0.00 THB
Household and cosmetics Average monthly consumption My monthly usage My monthly expenses
House cleaner toilet Mr. Muscle Anti Limescale 0.05 litre (jeweils) 3.62 THB litre 0.00 THB
House floor cleaner Mr Muscle Glade 2.83 THB litre 0.00 THB
Sunlight dishwashing liquid Lime 0.25 litre 20.63 THB litre 0.00 THB
Bug spray Baygon Mosquito + Insects 0.08 Tins (600 grams) 7.44 THB Tins (600 grams) 0.00 THB
Soft fabric softener Day 0.20 litre 3.78 THB litre 0.00 THB
Colgate toothpaste 0.19 Tubes (160 grams) 17.66 THB Tubes (160 grams) 0.00 THB
Lux body wash liquid soap 0.19 litre 27.82 THB litre 0.00 THB
Dettol Soap 1.74 Pieces (70 grams) 19.57 THB Pieces (70 grams) 0.00 THB
Shampoo Panten 0.19 litre 50.57 THB litre 0.00 THB
Detergent Omo Regular 0.61 kg 23.71 THB kg 0.00 THB
Fuels Average fuel consumption per 100 km Kilometres per day My monthly expenses
Diesel litre km 0.00 THB
91er litre km 0.00 THB
95er gasohol litre km 0.00 THB
91er gasohol litre km 0.00 THB
E20 litre km 0.00 THB
Sums 9290.95 THB
My monthly expenses
0.00 THB

posted on: 24.10.2012 - last update on: 18.05.2016

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