Consumer prices in Thailand

Consumer prices in Thailand 09.07.2018

Today we will take a closer look at the prices of the individual product groups of our statistical shopping basket in comparison to our price survey of July 2017: Compared to July the 11th, 2017, the prices of our 6 product groups have changed as follows:

  1. Beverages: + 11.28%
  2. Fruit and vegetables: - 4.34%
  3. Fish and meat: - 7.38%
  4. Miscellaneous: - 1.64%
  5. Household and cosmetics: + 13.58%
  6. Fuel: + 16.91%

The price of our shopping basket has risen by 1.36% in total.


In the following tables we have displayed the prices that we've researched. We have divided the goods into product groups. Under each category you'll find a link to a graph of price changes over time, since 08/08/2011. A comparison of the price changes of all product groups can be found in the chart at the top of this page. You can find further details on this subject in our introductory article. You can see our researched prices for the past few weeks in our list of recent price surveys.

How much will you have to spend for your consumption of the listed goods and products? Calculate your costs of living in Thailand using our calculator, based on the most current prices. Click here for the cost of living calculator on Udon-News.




CurrentPrevious month
Nestle Pure Life water6 x 1,5 l49.00 THB45.00 THB
Cola6 x 2 l202.00 THB199.00 THB
Leo beer12 x 0,63 l610.00 THB614.00 THB
Mont Clair red wine0,75 l399.00 THB399.00 THB
Tipco orange juice3 x 1 l170.00 THB199.00 THB
Thai rum: Sang Som0,7 l279.00 THB279.00 THB
Nescafe Red Cup coffee200 g139.00 THB139.00 THB
Lipton Yellow Lable tea bags100 x 2 g185.00 THB185.00 THB
See graphic of price trends

Fruits and vegetables

CurrentPrevious month
Sweet papayakg45.00 THB39.00 THB
Pineappleone24.00 THB29.00 THB
BananasHand (ca. 2,5 kg)99.00 THB95.00 THB
Mango (Nam Dok Mai)kg49.00 THB49.00 THB
Appleskg89.00 THB99.00 THB
Soup potatoskg27.00 THB27.00 THB
Large onionskg25.00 THB21.00 THB
Carrotskg35.00 THB29.00 THB
Broccolikg69.00 THB113.00 THB
Oak leaf lettucekg149.00 THB149.00 THB
Large tomatoeskg35.00 THB39.00 THB
Small tomatoeskg35.00 THB50.00 THB
Small cucumberkg23.00 THB23.00 THB
Leekkg119.00 THB129.00 THB
Chinese garlickg39.00 THB39.00 THB
Chilikg99.00 THB129.00 THB
See graphic of price trends

Fish and meat

CurrentPrevious month
Mrigal Rohukg39.00 THB39.00 THB
Snakeheadkg119.00 THB109.00 THB
Salmon filletkg799.00 THB799.00 THB
Walking catfishkg59.00 THB49.00 THB
Tilapiakg76.00 THB76.00 THB
White shrimpkg199.00 THB199.00 THB
1 kg + cleaned squidkg380.00 THB380.00 THB
Thai beef muscle meatkg280.00 THB295.00 THB
Pork loinkg105.00 THB110.00 THB
Chicken drumstickkg62.00 THB54.00 THB
Skinless chicken breastkg79.00 THB79.00 THB
NZ leg of lambkg320.00 THB320.00 THB
AU lamb rackkg425.00 THB425.00 THB
See graphic of price trends


CurrentPrevious month
Italian salami TGM1054 g735.00 THB735.00 THB
BMP pork sausage1 kg240.00 THB240.00 THB
CP pressed ham500 g220.00 THB220.00 THB
Meiji fresh milk0,83 l46.00 THB46.00 THB
Imperial margarine250 g70.00 THB70.00 THB
Dutchie plain yogurt4 x 150 g48.00 THB48.00 THB
Anchor whipping cream1 l199.00 THB199.00 THB
Orchid butter OS227 g105.00 THB103.00 THB
Edam cheese by Emborg1,9 kg785.00 THB785.00 THB
White sugar25 x 1 kg550.00 THB550.00 THB
Agnesi penne pasta500 g76.00 THB76.00 THB
UFM flour1 kg34.00 THB34.00 THB
Drungtip salt1 kg13.00 THB13.00 THB
Sandee Hom Mali rice25 kg825.00 THB770.00 THB
Angoon soybean oil5 l225.00 THB225.00 THB
Oreo Sandwich Cookies2 x 137 g46.00 THB45.00 THB
Force bread grain350 g66.00 THB66.00 THB
Baguette220 g28.00 THB31.00 THB
Ground white pepper250 g212.00 THB212.00 THB
Thai pepper powder200 g108.76 THB108.76 THB
Eggs30 St.86.00 THB80.00 THB
Nestle Ice Cream choc chip420 g65.00 THB65.00 THB
TK shrimp 200-242erkg275.00 THB275.00 THB
Aro dory fish pangasiuskg85.00 THB85.00 THB
See graphic of price trends

Household and cosmetics

CurrentPrevious month
Mr. Muscle toilet cleaner Anti Limescale3 x 0,5 l117.00 THB117.00 THB
Mr. Muscle Glade tile cleaner1,8 l135.00 THB135.00 THB
Sunlight dishwashing liquid Lime6 x 0,46 l184.00 THB178.00 THB
Baygon mosquito + insects spray3 x 600 g237.00 THB198.00 THB
Day soft fabric softener3 x 700 g33.00 THB33.00 THB
Colgate toothpaste160 g90.00 THB79.00 THB
Lux body wash liquid soap3 x 220 g136.20 THB169.00 THB
Dettol Soap4 x 70 g39.00 THB39.00 THB
Pantene shampoo950 g233.00 THB233.00 THB
Omo detergent regular3,5 kg177.60 THB137.00 THB
See graphic of price trends


CurrentPrevious month
Diesel1 l29.40 THB29.40 THB
91er1 l36.97 THB36.97 THB
95 gasohol1 l29.86 THB29.86 THB
91 gasohol1 l29.59 THB29.59 THB
E201 l27.35 THB27.35 THB
See graphic of price trends

posted on: 09.07.2018

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