ATMs in Thailand - withdrawing cash

If you were able to successfully open an account with a Thai bank, you will have been issued with an ATM card so you can withdraw cash from your account.

The following explanation for cash withdrawals at ATMs in Thailand will differ in minor details for different machines, but the basic principle is pretty much the same.

When using ATMs in Thailand some safety rules should be adhered to! Important safety information on the use of ATMs in Thailand

ATMs in Thailand have both Thai and English language options. After having inserted the card to the machine, you will be prompted to enter your PIN on the keypad. This request is usually in both languages.

After the machine has received and recognized the credentials it may now be that the screen only displays Thai script. In this case, however, one has the possibility to switch to English with a single key click on the appropriate button.

The most common transaction is certainly withdrawing cash. The vast majority of these machines display a series of options, which can be selected by pressing the appropriate button. If you want to withdraw an amount up to 10,000 baht, then choose the 'Fast Cash' option. Amounts between 500 baht and 10,000 baht are then displayed on the screen, and you can select directly using the corresponding button. The amount selected is then paid from the cash dispenser slot.

If you want more than that then you choose 'Withdraw' or 'Withdrawal'. Next choose your account - usually 'savings'. Even if you only have one account you will still be asked this question. You will now be prompted to enter the desired amount to be paid.

On most machines, you can withdraw up to 20,000 baht, on others more. After entering the number using the keypad you press the green 'ok' button. Lastly, you money comes.


In Thailand, the money is paid out of the cash machine first, then you have the opportunity to print a transaction slip. Only at the end is your card returned. Unfamiliar customers have often forgotten to wait for their card, and after a time (usually 20 or 30 seconds) the machine will re-absorb it.


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posted on: 24.01.2014 - last update on: 07.02.2017

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