The yellow house book

If you feel somewhat rooted in Thailand and intend to live for some time in the country, then you can apply for a yellow house book at the Amphoe office.

The benefits that such a YHB brings are arguable: Some say that it is merely a permanent replacement for the temporary certificate of residence issued by the Immigration Office, while others consider it as a sign of integration into Thai society. Sometimes the YHB will entitle you to discounts for entry to, for instance, National Parks, or other discounts. You will also be able to buy a car, for instance, in your own name.

Everyone has their own opinion!

The documents that you will need in order to get a YHB, and the procedure to apply:

  • Original passport and at least two photocopies
  • Translation of the main pages of the passport in Thai (personal data and visa or immigration status messages)
  • Translation of the names of the parents of the applicant in Thai
  • If marriage to a Thai national, the marriage certificate with copies, and the Thai spouse's house book, passport / ID card with copies
  • If there is no marriage, the house book and ID documents of the lessor, and copies of the lease
  • Thai Character witness - depending on the officers participating

You must apply in person to the Amphoe office with these documents and the Thai character witness, and spouse if applicable, and explain the request to the official. The process may sometimes be completed on the same day, but it can also take two weeks or more.

posted on: 24.08.2016

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User comments

At 10/06/2016 - 07:50 wrote the Udon-News-Team

The translation can be done here!

At 10/06/2016 - 07:17 wrote guest
Hello YH B, where to translate paper and passport for YHB and ID-Card. Thank U.
At 11/13/2013 - 07:06 wrote guest
I ave been using my YHB to buy a motorbike and car in my name. I have also used it obtaining my drivers license. I will be caring it with me to enter parks and other nationals sites that I will be visiting. It has been used at times to assist me in conveying that I am residing here and not a tourist.

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