Non Immigrant Visa multiple from Savannakhet

How to apply for a non immigrant visa multiple at the Thai consulate in Savannakhet in Laos?

Some falangs might not be able to get a marriage or retirement extension to their non-immigrant 'O' visa because of the monetary requirements. I had enough to get a marriage extension, but only if I combined money in the bank with my income from abroad. Udon Immigration Office told me that this wasn't possible, so my best option was to get a non-imm 'O' from Laos. I've been told by a few people that the Vientiane consulate wouldn't issue a 1 year multi-entry visa, in spite of their website indicating that it was available. An internet search indicated that I could get this at Savannakhet, so that was where I'd have to go.

I set off at 5 am, and the drive took four hours. I parked just outside the border at Mukdahan, and the parking fee was a very expensive 250 baht! I crossed the Friendship Bridge and took a taxi to the consulate for 200 baht. You have to apply for the visa before 11 am, and pick up your passport after 2 pm the following day. There was a small queue which moved quickly, and I gave in my application before 10:30, no questions asked. In addition to filling in the form, I needed 2 passport photos, copies of my marriage certificate, my wife's ID card, my passport, and the fee of 5,000 baht. No financial information was required.


Thai consulate at Savannakhet

Thai consulate


I had planned to stay at the Savan Vegas Hotel and Casino, as I like a flutter now and then, but my wife insisted that we stayed at a hotel on the banks of the Mekong. It was cheap, clean and pleasant, with a terrace restaurant overhanging the river.

Terrace restaurant

The water level was well up following heavy rains during the previous few days, and plenty of rubbish was floating downstream, and much of it was caught up in the bankside vegetation.

Filthy Mekong 

The food was pleasant but unexceptional, and in the evening as darkness fell we were treated to the sight of two large canoes racing each other going downstream.


After they were finished, they paddled back upstream, going at a snail's pace against the fast moving river.

We wasted a few hours the next morning before eating lunch and heading back to the consulate to pick up my passport. Everything went very smoothly and we were back in Thailand by 2:30 pm, and on the way back to Udon.

posted on: 16.09.2015 - last update on: 29.09.2015

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User comments

At 09/17/2015 - 08:33 wrote guest
I retract my above criticism of Udon immigration. I now remember that the savings/income method applies only to the retirement extension. Sorry, my bad.
The writer can now stay for a year...but at a great cost. Thb 5000 visa compared to 1900 extension and travel and Lao visa expenses every 90 days.
Personally, I would do everything to get the Thb 400k (loan from family or friends) to avoid the extra costs and hassle connected with the non O multi visa.
At 09/16/2015 - 20:00 wrote guest
What gives Udon Immigration the right to refuse the savings/income method for extension of stay?
You have had to pay thb 5000 for the visa plus travel expenses plus Lao visa fee and you will have to exit Thailand every 90 days to maintain the visa.
All this extra inconvenience and expense because an Immigration Office "refuses" to abide by their own rules and regulations.
This is a scandal and in your position I would write a letter of complaint to the head of the immigration dept. that one of his offices "refuses" to do their work.

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