Extension of permission to stay on basis of being married to a Thai citizen

To apply for the extension of a permission to stay in Thailand form tm7 must be submitted to the Immigration Office along with the documents listed below.

The application for the extension of the Non-Immigrant visa depends on what basis you want to get approved for a long uninterrupted stay in Thailand. We will describe here how to do the application for the extension of the permission to stay based on a non immigrant -o- visa on basis of being married to a Thai citizen.

The applicant will need the following documents and evidence when applying for an extension:

  • two completed application forms (tm7), including passport photos
  • Copies of the relevant pages of the applicant's passport
  • marriage certificate (if international a certified translation of this in Thai) + copies
  • Proof of registration of marriage from the Thai marriage registration office + copies
  • ID card of the spouse, + copies
  • House book of the spouse, + copies
  • if there are children in common: birth certificates + copies
  • Birth certificates from previous marriages, if any + copies
  • 3 photos of the applicant, together with the spouse: in front of the jointly occupied residence, in the living room and the bedroom
  • a map showing the route from the immigration office to the residence of the applicant
  • In most cases a character witness is required, who must confirm the information provided by the applicant and his spouse.

Evidence on the financial situation of the applicant, either

  • a monthly income (from outside Thailand) of at least 40,000 THB (income certificate to be obtained from the applicant's national Embassy in Bangkok)


  • proof that the applicant has at least 400,000 THB in his bank account, which must have been there for at least two months (for an initial application for the  extension of the permission to stay), or three months (for any subsequent application). The Thai bank account must be in the name of the applicant alone. The account balance must not fall below this sum on one single day during this time, which has to be confirmed in a letter by the bank, issued on the day of the application for the renewal.

When the Immigration Officer is satisfied with all the documents and the information provided, the applicant then will be asked to pay the administration fee of 1900 THB. The officer will then stamp your passport with a requirement to return in 30 days to collect the 'marriage visa' stamp. Once this stamp has been issued, the applicant has the right to stay in Thailand, for a further 335 days (making 1 year in total from the date of the initial application), but still will have to report every 90 days to an immigration office, the so-called 90-day report.

The list of documents you need for the extension you can download here either in Thai or English language.

posted on: 09.07.2012 - last update on: 10.02.2017

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User comments

At 01/16/2016 - 19:39 wrote guest
And all this so you can stay one year. Meanwhile, if we reverse the situation, in the foreigner's country (let's assume the USA and that the marriage is kosher) she gets a temporary green card automatically, followed by a permanent green card within a year I believe, followed by passport within 3 years I believe.

I guess the intent of the law is "you marry a Thai girl? get her off our hands and into farang land, we ain't making it easy for you here".
At 05/15/2014 - 07:36 wrote guest
Went for my marriage extension yesterday. In addition to the documents listed above, Immigration also wanted proof of divorce from my wife's first marriage.
Big Pooh (Udon News team)
Re: Extension of permission to stay on basis of being married to a Thai citizen

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