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Archenmuschel Thailand

Ark shell - blood cockle

This small mussel comes from the Indo-Pacific and is sometimes known as a "blood cockle" because of it's red flesh. In recipes they can be...

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Spargelbohnen Thailand

Asparagus bean

Asparagus beans, also called yard-long beans, taste very similar to green beans from Europe, and can be replaced by green beans in recipes.


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Bambussprösslinge in Thailand

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are, as the name suggests, the young sprouts of bamboo that have just broken through the earth. We recommend the use of whole shoots...

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Baminudel in Thailand

Bami noodles

Bami noodles are made from wheat flour and usually also eggs. The noodles can be used both for soups, and fried noodle dishes.

Thai: Bami -...

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Bananenblüte in Thaniland

Banana flower

The lower end of the banana flower, the male part, is used as a vegetable in Thai cuisine. The banana flower can not be replaced by any other...

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Bananenblätter in Thailand

Banana leaves

Banana leaves are used to prevent food from drying out during cooking, in the same way that many European cooks would use aluminium foil.


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Bohnensprossen in Thailand

Bean sprouts

The bean sprouts used in our Thai recipes are without exception from mung beans. They are cooked in many different ways, and in some recipes are...

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Bittermelone in Thailand

Bitter melon

The bitter melon is from the cucurbit family and sometimes has an intensely bitter taste. Generally, the greener the fruit, the more bitter the...

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Schwarzer Pfeffer in Thailand

Black pepper

Black pepper is one of the basic ingredients used to season many Thai dishes. One should always use whole peppercorns, crushing the seeds just...

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The green cardamom is a common ingredient in Thailand, and is used in Christmas cookies recipes in Europe.

Thai: Luk Kra Wan - ลูกกระวาน

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