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Thai-Aubergine / Miniaubergine

Thai Eggplant - baby aubergine

The Thai eggplant is usually either green, yellow or white, with the greenish variety the most common. They differ from the European aubergine...

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Thai Minze in Thailand

Thai Mint

Thai mint is as an ingredient that's used exclusively raw and not cooked. Mint can be found in many Thai salads, with meat or seafood. In some...

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Wasserspinat in Thailand

Water spinach

Water spinach is a very popular vegetable in Thailand. The plant grows in very moist soil or in standing water. The stems are hollow and can be...

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Wachspaprika Thailand

Wax peppers

Wax peppers is the mildest variant of the Thai chillis. It has little sharpness, and a mild flavor and can be used like normal peppers.


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