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Pak Choi / Chinese cabbage

Pak Choi, also called Chinese mustard, is related to the cabbage and has a slight mild mustard flavor.

Thai: Phak Kwang Tung - ผักกวางตุ้ง...

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Erbsenauberginen in Thailand

Pea eggplant

In Thailand the pea eggplants is an ingredient in many curries. They have a slightly bitter taste still have a crunchy texture even after cooking...

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Chinesischer Blütenkohl

Pickled Chinese cabbage - Bok Choi

Pickled Chinese cabbage is a very popular vegetable ingredient in many Thai recipes and dishes. It has a mild flavor and is commonly sauteed.


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Rote Schalotten in Thailand

Red Shallots / red Thai Onion

Red shallots are used in many recipes of Thai cooking. They have a mild, sweet flavor, and not much bite focus so therefore are often used raw in...

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Spanische Chilis in Thailand

Spanish Chillis

The Spanish chilli variety has little sharpness, and can therefore also used when cooking Thai food for the more sensitive palate. One should be...

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Frühlingszwiebeln Thailand

Spring onion

The Thai spring onion, or scallion, is finer and smaller than the ones used in Europe - the stalks are barely thicker than chives. The taste,...

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Süßes Basilikum Thailand

Sweet basil

Compared to European basil, sweet Thai basil tastes more intense and contains a light note of anise. Botanically, it comes from the same family as...

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Thai beans - stink beans

These beans are  a popular ingredient in many dishes. Eaten raw they cause a penetrating odor, and the taste hovers somewhere between garlic...

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Thai Sellerie

Thai celery

Thai celery is a smaller version of the celery found in Europe. It has an intense flavor, fine stems and leaves, and can be eaten cooked or raw....

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Prik Khi Nu - Thai Chili

Thai Chilli - sharp

This is the smallest and also the spiciest type used in Thailand. The amount used in recipes is variable, and must be adapted to individual tastes...

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