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Fischsoße in Thailand

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is a brownish liquid, which replaces salt in many Thai dishes. It is made from fermented fish, shrimp or clams and leaves no fishy...

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Koriander in Thailand

Fresh coriander

Coriander leaves are similar in appearance to the flat leaves of Italian parsley, but not in taste or aroma. Coriander has a unique flavor that...

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Galgant / Thai-Ingwer


Galangal is related to ginger, and it's root looks very similar, but has a different flavor. It has a positive effect on many gastric illnesses....

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Knoblauch Thailand 1


Thai garlic is much milder than that found in Europe. The tubers and cloves are smaller and have a slightly purple color.

Thai: Kratiam -...

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Ingwer in Thailand


Ginger has a slightly sweet, lemony, and spicy hot flavor. Although ginger is available in different variants as a powder, it should be used fresh...

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Grüne Curry-Paste in Thailand

Green curry paste

A sweet and spicy curry called in Thai 'Gaeng Kiau Wan' is made using green curry paste. The paste is one of the spiciest used in Thailand, and is...

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Grüner Pfeffer in Thailand

Green peppercorns

In many Thai dishes, fresh green peppercorns are used. The peppercorns are usually cooked or fried together with their stalks. If you can't find...

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Indisches Basilikum Thailand

Holy basil - Indian basil

Holy basil - Indian basil has light reddish-purple stems and an intense, aromatic, spicy flavor with hints of clove and allspice.

Thai: Bai...

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Jasmine Water

Jasmine water is used to flavor some Thai desserts. It is obtained by diluting 5-8 drops of jasmine extract with 250 ml water.

Thai: Nam...

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Kaffirlimette Thailand

Kaffir lime

This juiceless citrus fruit looks like a shriveled lemon. The fruit itself is much used Thailand, especially as an ingredient in the mashed...

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