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Zitronengras in Thailand


Lemongrass is particularly suitable for use in the world-renowned Tom Yam (a sour and spicy soup with various ingredients). From the reed-like...

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Langer Koriander Thailand

Long Coriander

The long coriander, similar in taste to the conventional coriander, is used raw. It can be used to flavor salads, or to eat raw as a accompaniment...

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Frühlingszwiebeln Thailand

Spring onion

The Thai spring onion, or scallion, is finer and smaller than the ones used in Europe - the stalks are barely thicker than chives. The taste,...

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Süßes Basilikum Thailand

Sweet basil

Compared to European basil, sweet Thai basil tastes more intense and contains a light note of anise. Botanically, it comes from the same family as...

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Thai Sellerie

Thai celery

Thai celery is a smaller version of the celery found in Europe. It has an intense flavor, fine stems and leaves, and can be eaten cooked or raw....

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Thai Minze in Thailand

Thai Mint

Thai mint is as an ingredient that's used exclusively raw and not cooked. Mint can be found in many Thai salads, with meat or seafood. In some...

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