Immigration Forms

We now provide the TM7 and TM8 forms as PDF files in the new version required by some Immigration Offices. If the office still uses the old TM7 and TM8 forms, please use the corresponding Word files.

In addition, all PDF forms can now be filled out in the PDF viewer and then printed. The corresponding form fields have been added as an alternative for those who do not have MSWord compatible word processing software. We look forward to suggestions for improvement.

To open the PDF files we recommend the PDF-XChange Viewer. It can be downloaded for free here and can be set to most languages after installation.


Form name



Change new passport

Formular changenewpassport herunterladen Formular changenewpassport herunterladen

Lost passport

Formular lostpassport herunterladen Formular lostpassport herunterladen

Residence certificate

Formular residence certificate herunterladen Formular residence certificate herunterladen

Information of Conveyance / TM 2

Formular TM.2 herunterladen Formular TM.2 herunterladen

Passenger List / TM 3

Formular TM.3 herunterladen Formular TM.3 herunterladen

Application For Extention Of Temporary Stay In The Kingdom / TM 7

Formular TM.7 herunterladen Formular TM.7 herunterladen

Application For Re-Entry Permit Into The Kingdom / TM 8

Formular TM.8 herunterladen Formular TM.8 herunterladen

Application For Permanent Residence In The Kingdom / TM 9

Formular TM.9 herunterladen Formular TM.9 herunterladen

Application For Endorsement Of Re-Entry Permit / TM 13

Formular TM.13 herunterladen Formular TM.13 herunterladen

Application For Substitute Of Certificate Of Residence / TM 18

Formular TM.18 herunterladen Formular TM.18 herunterladen
Application For Non-Quota Immigrant Visa / TM 22
Formular TM.20 herunterladen Formular TM.20 herunterladen

Application For Extension Of Temporary Stay During Resident Consideration / TM 25

Formular TM.25 herunterladen Formular TM.25 herunterladen

Form for aliens to notify their change of address
or their stay in the province for over 24 HourS / TM.28

Formular TM.28 herunterladen Formular TM.28 herunterladen
Notification form for housemaster, owner or the possessor of the residence where alien has stayed / TM.30
Formular TM.30 herunterladen Formular TM.30 herunterladen

Form for alien to notify of staying longer than 90 days

Formular TM.47 herunterladen Formular TM.47 herunterladen

Application for change of visa / TM.86

Formular TM.86 herunterladen Formular TM.86 herunterladen

Application for Visa / TM.87

Formular TM.87 herunterladen Formular TM.87 herunterladen
Transferstamp Formular Transferstamp herunterladen Formular Transferstamp herunterladen

Supplementary Questions / Foreign National Information                                 

posted on: 25.08.2016 - last update on: 17.07.2018

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At 12/17/2017 - 15:42 wrote guest
Very helpful site, clear and concise information. Thank you.
At 07/08/2017 - 13:56 wrote guest
Supplementary Questions / Foreign National Information FORM

No the latest one. Yesterday I was asked to complete one that asked for the name of a hospital (probably for medical tourists)
At 12/21/2015 - 11:51 wrote guest
Merci pour toutes ces informations

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