Tha Bo Fishing

Tha Bo Fishing Lake

Fishing in Tha Bo - Tha Bo Fishing Lake.

  Tha Bo is in Nong Khai Udon province, not so far away from Udon. The pond looks very natural and clean, the banks are all easy to access and thus offer the opportunity to fish anywhere for the various carp, red-tail catfish, sawai etc. Moderate shade can be found here, but you should, if possible, take your own precautions. To avoid the hefty drinks prices of the operator, we recommend you take a small cool-box with your own. Technically there are no real problems fishing here, and it's always possible to catch one of the lake's beautiful Giant Siamese carp which can reach 40kg or more.


**** Unfortunately, we have heard that the owner has now sold most of the big fish which used to be here. A friend of ours spoke to him, and he said that he was forced to do this as fish were being stolen at a huge rate. There are still plenty of pla sawai (striped catfish) left, but don't expect too much else! ****

Price per rod: 100 Baht

Fish: The operator has somewhat variable rules. For further details you can ask us via comment at the end of this article.

Facilities: beverage sales

Opening times: 9.00 am - 7.00 pm

A map showing directions and coordinates for satnav devices can be found below.

Tha Bo Fishing

Tha Bo Fishing

Tha Bo Fishing

Fish species

The following species of fish can be caught in this lake:

Thai English
Pla BugGiant Siamese Catfish
Pla SawaiStriped Catfish
Pla NinTilapia
Pla NaiCarp
Pla CahoGiant Siamese Carp
Pla TapianSilver Barb
Pla Cod KangRedtail Catfish
Pla Caho IndiaCatla
Pla Nuan ThanMrigal Carp
Pla Yeesok ThaiJulien`s Golden Price Carp
Pla BooMarble Goby

Find more information about the listed species in our articles fish in Thailand and what bait, tackle and methods to use.

Coordinates for your navigation device

Latitude: 17.816610
Longitude: 102.567970

Tha Bo Fishing Lake on Google Maps

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posted on: 07.09.2012 - last update on: 13.05.2015

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