Leks' Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani

Conveniently situated only 3 km from Udon Thani airport…… (pick up / drop off taxi service available), in a private and secluded North East Thailand setting the mixed specimen coarse lake boasts well over 45 different fish species ranging from huge Mekong Catfish to Giant Siamese Carp, with vicious predators such as the Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Chao Phraya Catfish, Amazon Redtail and many more….


With us only accepting limited bookings in return keeps the lake unpressured  and produces exciting catch rates. Some of the bigger fish require strong equipment so we only use high end imported fishing tackle (included in the fee),  incl. Free Spirit rods with Shimano XT bait runners, Nash rod pod with Fox bite alarm indicators, full tackle box and enough bait to last you all day.




You will also be provided with a personal guide / assistant to give you advice plus a helping hand to land any of the larger fish (the amount of assistance you require is up to yourself).


It can get very hot in Thailand so we provide cover and protection from the sun and rain with our private luxury salas which are equipped with cool fans, a fully stocked mini bar with western and Thai food also available (plug sockets and fast WIFI connection which is very popular with any none fishing spectators / family members).


We are looking at keeping the lake uncommercialised and currently fishing would be reserved exclusively for yourself, family or group. To avoid disappointment we would prefer that bookings are to be made in advance.

To contact us and obtain directions to our lake you can email us for the fastest response at

  • leksranch@gmail.com

or call us on

Facilities: shade, tackle rental, bait sales, beverage sales, food

Fish species

The following species of fish can be caught in this lake:

Thai English
Pla BugGiant Siamese Catfish
Pla SawaiStriped Catfish
Pla GaramedPacu
Pla Ton GaiSpotted Featherback
Pla NinTilapia
Pla NaiCarp
Pla CahoGiant Siamese Carp
Pla TapianSilver Barb
Pla Cod KangRedtail Catfish
Pla Caho IndiaCatla
Pla Nuan ThanMrigal Carp
Pla RatGiant Gurami
Pla TepaGiant Pangasius
Chao Praya Catfish
Pla Shon AmazonArapaima
Pla JokerSuckermouth Catfish
Pla Yeesok ThaiJulien`s Golden Price Carp
Pla Sira DangSorubim Hybrid
Pla Jonakay Alligator Gar
Pla Amazon DangAmazon Redtail
Pla Tab TimRed Devil
Pla Kod KangRedtail Catfish
Pla KapongBaramundi
Pla KasoopHampala Barb, Traverse-Bar Barb, Jungle Perch
Wallagu AttuWhite Sheatfish
Pla Garamed DammBlack Pacu
Pla TepoBlack Eared Catfish
Pla KotGreen Catfish
Pla KaeyGiant Bagarius
Pla BaHoevens Carp
Pla AepatArowana
Pla niger doradidaeRipsaw Catfish
 Chinese Silver Carp
 Ghost carp
 Mahseer Carp
Pla siraTiger Shovel Nose Catfish
 Kissing Gurami

Find more information about the listed species in our articles fish in Thailand and what bait, tackle and methods to use.


Phone: +66(0)860 593 028

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posted on: 20.03.2017 - last update on: 11.09.2021

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User comments

At 07/31/2017 - 10:17 wrote guest
A nice Chao Praya Catfish for Thomas
Re: Leks' Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani
At 07/31/2017 - 10:15 wrote guest
A nice Julien's Golden Prize Carp
Re: Leks' Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani
At 07/31/2017 - 10:12 wrote guest
A few nice fish this last week - Fishing In Udon Thani @ Leks Fishing Park
Re: Leks' Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani
At 04/12/2017 - 15:15 wrote guest

Fishing Update - Lek's Fishing Park Udon Thani

A lovely couple from Scotland, Thomas and Jodie, booked the lake today and what an exciting day it turned out to be with 9 different fish species gracing the net. Here are some pictures of some of the fish they caught today.

For prices and booking Information Fishingudonthani.com

Re: Leks' Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani
At 04/10/2017 - 08:46 wrote guest

Just to let you know we will be closed for Songkran ' Thai New Year for 4 days 12th - 15th April...

wishing you all a Happy Songkran! and may the fun begin.. :) www.fishingudonthanithailand.com

Re: Leks' Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani
At 03/20/2017 - 13:57 wrote the Udon-News-Team

We welcome Leks' Specimen Fishing Park as a new sponsor on Udon-News. We wish the business a successful future!

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