Bungsamran Fishing Park

Fishing in Bangkok, at the Bungsamran Fishing Park

I had very high expectations of Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok, after hearing reports from fellow anglers and my own research on the Internet. Here there are many big and strong fish, everyone said: take your strongest tackle, and be prepared for some strenuous effort. As it turned out, no one had exaggerated in their predictions!

Update January 2018: Bungsamran has moved, the following report refers to the old Bungsamran. The coordinates and contact details have been updated. The price for 12 hours fishing is now 4,000 THB / rod + different fees for bait, material, guide etc. - Locals pay 500 THB.

Bung Samran means roughly: lake with a lot of fun and joy. The name maybe should include 'and a lot of physical effort!' I was booked in for 24 hours at the lake, the day was perfect for fishing. I started in one of the huts for hire, which was roughly in the middle of the long right-hand bank of the lake. A day ticket for 12 hours of fishing costs 1,000 baht / rod, I had researched, but found to my delight that with a Yellow House Book I was entitled to a discount of 600 baht.

Fishing is from 9 am to 9 pm or from 9 pm to 9 am. The hut cost an additional 800 baht, but there is also a free fishing area, where it only costs the price per day for fishing. Prices for food and drink would of course be additional, but modest.

The fishing proved to be very successful. I caught four Mekong giant catfish, weighing from 21 to 31 kilos. The cabin had great features: there was a platform where you could stretch out comfortably, a fan, TV, sink and plenty of space and storage space to stow the fishing gear and fight the hooked fish to a standstill. Anyway Bung Samran is equipped with everything you could hope for for a long day at the lake. The restaurant offers very good and inexpensive food, there are several fishing shops, a small supermarket, a play area for children, massage parlour and a hairdressing salon. You may think now, why should there be a hairdresser and even a massage parlour on a fishing lake: a massage would have probably saved the 3-day muscle ache that I suffered after fighting these huge fish, and the hairdresser is certain to distract the Thai wife for a few hours.

Back to the lake: Bung Samran at 48,000 sqm is too big to fully describe in detail. It's split into two by a long walkway that cuts through the middle of the lake. The banks were tidy and well kept, something that I have not found in many other commercial waters. The lake is well stocked with fish, with the average weight of fish caught being about 15 kg. Do not consider this an exaggeration! Whoever visits Bung Samran for the first time would do well to hire a guide who can teach you the necessary tricks for successful fishing. The methods differ from other waters and those who try with old proven methods may well be quickly disappointed here. I was fortunate to meet a very friendly Thai guy, who helped me in the feed mixture and gave me lots of good advice. Bung Samran is worth every baht. For more on my visit to Bung Samran Fishing Park, see our photo blog.

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Price per rod: 4000 Baht


Facilities: shade, tackle rental, bait sales, beverage sales, food, bungalows

Opening times: 9.00 am - 9.00 am

A map showing directions and coordinates for satnav devices can be found below.

Bung Samran - Eingang

Bung Samran - Empfang

Bung Samran - Futtereimer

Bung Samran - Käscher

Bung Samran - Hütte

Bung Samran - Action

Bung Samran - Action 2

Bung Samran - Nacht

Bung Samran - Nacht 2

Bung Samran Mekong Riesenwels

Fish species

The following species of fish can be caught in this lake:

Thai English
Pla BugGiant Siamese Catfish
Pla SawaiStriped Catfish
Pla GaramedPacu
Pla NinTilapia
Pla CahoGiant Siamese Carp
Pla TapianSilver Barb
Pla Caho IndiaCatla
Pla RatGiant Gurami
Pla ShadoGiant Snakehead
Pla TepaGiant Pangasius
Chao Praya Catfish
Pla Shon AmazonArapaima
Pla Yeesok ThaiJulien`s Golden Price Carp
Pla Jonakay Alligator Gar
Pla Tab TimRed Devil
Pla BooMarble Goby

Find more information about the listed species in our articles fish in Thailand and what bait, tackle and methods to use.


Phone: +66 38 090 979
+66 38 090 980
+66 9 7151 6688
+66 9 4559 5112

Coordinates for your navigation device

Latitude: 13.819126
Longitude: 100.940969

Bungsamran / Bung Samran Fishing Park on Google Maps

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posted on: 06.09.2012 - last update on: 07.01.2018

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