Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Fishing in Pattaya - the Amazon Fishing Park.

The information that we had about this venue when we were preparing for our visit was rather sparse, and this made us curious as to whether the park would live up to it's exotic name. It turned out to be a rather small pond, but nicely situated and landscaped, and of course home to a number of fish species that we'd not caught before.

We arrived on one of the hottest days of the year, with the teperature over 40 degrees. In this incredible heat the priority was not only catching fish, but keeping ourselves hydrated. At the end of an exhausting day we'd all caught alligator gar, Arapaima, Amazon red-tail catfish, Pacu, and the odd spotted Sorubim. The Amazon red-tails in particular, which were present to over 40 pounds, gave our tackle a thorough work-out. In the 20 pound weight class they were already great fighters and caused real muscle-ache for us all. A positive mention is due to the fishing guides who work here for a very small monthly salary gave us a very dedicated service and helped to ensure that the anglers would be given all the necessary tips and hints for a successful day.

Our opinion is that these guys deserved a decent tip for their efforts! Conclusion: A small pond, many exotic fish, great fun - the facilities at the lake are very basic, but what avid angler cares? :-) The price we paid (2,000 THB each) differed from the price quoted on the operator's website (3,500 THB) because we took our own tackle and bait, and arrived using our own transport.

Price per rod: 2000 Baht

Fish: All fish are to be put back

Facilities: shade, tackle rental, bait sales, beverage sales, food

Opening times: 8.00 am - 8.00 pm

A map showing directions and coordinates for satnav devices can be found below.

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Fish species

The following species of fish can be caught in this lake:

Thai English
Pla GaramedPacu
Pla Ton GaiSpotted Featherback
Pla ShadoGiant Snakehead
Pla Shon AmazonArapaima
Pla JokerSuckermouth Catfish
Pla Sira DangSorubim Hybrid
Pla Jonakay Alligator Gar
Pla Amazon DangAmazon Redtail
Pla PeacockPeacock Bass

Find more information about the listed species in our articles fish in Thailand and what bait, tackle and methods to use.


Phone: +66 (0) 84 528 4041
+66 (0) 80 101 8338

Coordinates for your navigation device

Latitude: 12.805350
Longitude: 100.937770

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya on Google Maps

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posted on: 06.09.2012 - last update on: 13.05.2015

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