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Zulassungsstelle für Motorräder / Land Transportation Office 2

Admission for motorcycles / Land Transportation Office 2

This office issues the approval to move a motorcycle in Udon.

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Chamber of Commerce

Those who wish to open and run a business in Udon Thani will have to go here.

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City police

The Udon Thani city police. Find out about the police chief of Udon Thani on Udon-News. Click here for the article.

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Courthouse / Provincial Court

The Provincial Court of Udon Thani is used for settling disputes of right or wrong.

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District Management Authority - Amphoe Office

The district administration of Udon Thani is responsible for the registration of births, marriages, deaths and census records as well as house books.

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Immigration Office

Immigration - Immigration Office

The Immigration Office is probably the authority of Thailand which is most likely to be frequented for long-term resident and visitors.

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Land Registry - Provincial Land Office

The possession, use and registration of land in Udon Thani is controlled by the Land Registry office.

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Main post office in Udon Thani

The main post office in Udon Thani.

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Genossenschaftsamt Udon Thani

Office of Cooperative Udon Thani

Here is the Office of Cooperative in Udon Thani.

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Passamt Udon Thani

Passport office

Udon Thani has its own passport office and this has eliminated the need for the long journey to Bangkok.

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