Kuen Ubonrat

Kuen Ubonrat Reservoir in Non Sang

The reservoir of Kuen Ubonrat in Isaan is a popular destination. Here is a picture from the lake taken from Non Sang, a little-known village in Isaan.

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Kham Chanod

The soul of an ancient tree

The Thai people are particularly superstitious, and this manifests itself in many aspects of day-to-day life.

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Mekong mit normalem Pegelstand

The Mekong - Nong Khai

At times we leave Udon and drive about 30 miles north to Nong Khai. There, there is a German bakery (which we will write a separate article about), the Indochina market, and of course the Mekong river.

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Siamesischer Riesenkarpfen - Pla Caho - Udon thani - Thailand

A fish can save the day ..

I wanted to try out my newly acquired fishing reel, a small Shimano multiplier, so we decided to fish at a local private pond.

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Big Wai

Showdown on Lake Luckana

Sometimes an angler has a sort of premonition that on a certain day there would be a high probability of a good catch?

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Reisfelder bei Nongbua Lamphu

Rice fields in Nongbua Lamphu

If you drive from Udon Thani on the newly completed 4-lane highway 210 to Nongbua Lamphu and from there continue on towards Non Sang, then you drive alongside rice paddies almost all the way.

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Rainy season is rainy season

As an avid angler in Thailand it's easy to become complacent by the generally dry weather. In the rainy season, though, one has to study the forecasts and work out when it's the best time to go, avoiding the occasional tropical showers.

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Photo shoot at the pond

Yesterday we started to write our article about the fish in Thailand and methods for catching them, so we arranged to have the photo session at a private pond.

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Pla Sawai / Striped Catfish / Streifenwels / Pangasius


We decided that our weekly fishing trip would again be at Sabai Sabai Fishing Park. We had already spent some really nice days there, but without any really spectacular catches, but we were still hopeful.

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Another new fish on the list

Our first fishing experience at Sabai Sabai Fishing Park had been very positive and so we decided to return yesterday to see if we could continue with our success.

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