Erawan National Park - entrance

Erawan National Park - Kanchanaburi

In 2006 we visited the 200 square mile Erawan National Park, situated in the Western Thailand province of Kanchanaburi. The major attraction of the park is the seven-tiered Erawan Falls, a waterfall named after the erawan, the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology.

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Reisernte mit der kleinen Sichel

Rice harvest in Udon Thani

When the rainy season is over in Udon Thani, and the rice is ready to harvest, the workers take to the fields. Often, the fields are in their area too small to be worthwhile using a combine harvester. Here the harvested rice doesn't go to the markets, but is distributed amongst the farm workers and the families of the farmers.

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Diphtheria in Udon Thani

As we have reported in the news on 11 November, in recent weeks in Udon Thani a lot of people are suffering from diphtheria. Some people have died from the effects of the disease, the exact number of victims is not known.

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Stau auf der Autobahn

A Truck Loses It's Load

Someone had forgotten to secure his load properly. Here in Thailand, the Thais usually know exactly what a reasonable load is and how to secure it.Today on the highway to Sakon Nakhon, we found that suddenly traffic was diverted to only one lane and there was a crowd gathering.

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Mercedes oder nicht?

This Mercedes looks different

Whoever wants to drive a Mercedes in Thailand must either have plenty of money, or enough imagination.

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Angeln in Nong Han

Of large catfish, pacus and outstanding singers

Tips from anglers that tell us about as yet unknown fishing waters in our area are always welcome. We heard a report from an angler about a small pond in Nong Han, in which there were pacus and other fish to catch.

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V.S. Fishing Park

A visit to VS

Over a year has passed since we last visited VS Fishing Park in Nong Khai. Had it changed much in the meantime? On our last visit we found it rather unkempt and filthy, but how had the fish population developed? In short, the lake and it's banks were as dirty as before, but we were prepared for that so decided to fish anyway.

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Pilze in Thailand

Mushroom season

When the rainy season begins in Isaan, mushrooms start growing in many areas, in the woods especially. Their diversity is impressive, with lots of different shapes, sizes and colours.

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Gelände vom Großmarkt in Udon thani / Thailand

The wholesale market of Udon Thani

From time to time we just stroll through the wholesale market in Udon Thani and surprise ourselves with the variety and quantity of goods being offered there. 

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Gewicht des Riesenkarpfens

What a fish!

Our goal was clearly defined when we met up at 9 o'clock in the morning and made our way to Tha Bo - to catch one of the legendary carp that were
rumoured to live in the lake.

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