Ameiseneier Thailand

Ant eggs, rodents and other specialties

If you drive on the now continuous 4-lane highway 210 from Udon in the direction of Nongbua Lamphu, then you will find a small market just after the village of Nong Wua So, right on the roadside, which at first glance is a typical Thai market. If one, however, were to examine the goods offered a little closer, then you realize quickly that sometimes there are some very specific specialities.

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Jib - a young woman fights against fate

Jib is a young Thai woman who was born with severe disabilities caused by the drug thalidomide. She heads 'The Disabled Association of Udon Thani' (DAU). This article reports on Jib and her organization, which has set itself the task helping the lives of those people who live in Thailand on the dark side of life there - hidden from the eyes of most tourists and visitors to the sunny country, rarely supported and with little opportunity to improve.

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Bungalows Dreamlake Resort Chiang Mai

A Day at Dream Lake, Chiang Mai

We had planned for quite some time to visit Chiang Mai again, before the weather became unbearably hot and smoggy.

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Hütte am Bung Samran

24 hours at Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok

A really impressive day at Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok, which will leave lasting memories for me!

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Udon Thani Museum

The Museum of Udon Thani

We recently visited again the Udon museum, and this time we took our camera. The museum building itself was built in 1920 and was used as a school up to 1973. After a complete renovation in 2002, the museum opened on 18 January 2003. The museum is on two floors and covers a variety of topics related to Udon Thani. The ground floor displays primarily original artifacts or replicas of ancient finds from the area around Udon Thani. Here, photography is not allowed. Upstairs covers the city's history and details the famous personalities who are connected with the city of Udon Thani, using many images, text articles and models. Some of the topics covered in the museum as a whole are:

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Ladungssicherung thailändisch

Thai trucks loaded completely

Cargo securing can be accomplished in many different ways: on the one hand there is the opportunity to lash the cargo properly,on the other hand, you could put someone on top to take charge of the load. :-)

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Aek Udon vor dem Sturm

Storm over Udon Thani

Yesterday, the 17th of March, there was a violent thunderstorm in the evening. Unusually strong winds caused damage to several buildings in the city. A hall that was still under construction at the intersection of the ring road on the DIY outlet "Global House" fell apart completely. At Aek Udon hospital a huge sign was knocked down by the wind and then fell to a nearby building. The electric supply was cut in some areas of the city due to collapsed pylons. Fortunately we haven't heard of any injured people.

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Stephan und Mae Thawon in Kut Chap

For the farmer sausage or pork knuckle to Kut Chap

We received a friendly email from registered Udon News Member Stephan, informing us that about 20 kilometers from the city limits of Udon Thani,
in the town of Kut Chap there's now farmer sausages, rye bread and other goodies available, produced according to traditional recipes.

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Kham Chanot - Brückenanfang

Kham Chanot - a jungle island in the middle of Isan

The report presented here about Kham Chanot shows it is a unique place. Actually, it is just a lying island in a lake - nothing extraordinary, one might think. But if you think you already know Isan and its landscape and wildlife then maybe you'll be surprised when you realize very quickly that on this island, the time seemed to have stopped a few hundred years ago.

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Eingang des Aquariums

Aquarium Nong Khai

The Sirindhorn aquarium is on the campus of Khon Kaen University in Nong Khai. The aquarium is home to many beautifully landscaped pools, both fresh, and saltwater. We don't want to waste words on the aquarium, as our pictures and video speak for itself. We thouroughly recommend a visit to the aquarium, it's worth it for sure! For detailed information on opening times and directions

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