Frosch 1 in Udon Thani Thailand

Nightly concerts during the rainy season

Depending on the noise volume of the night and of course on where you live in Udon Thani, during the rainy season involuntary listeners can hear nightly concerts of a very particular style of music.

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Javaneraffe in Lopburi / Thailand

The brazen monkeys of Lopburi

Whilst we were on our way to the temple inauguration in central Thailand, described elsewhere, we passed through the town of Lopburi and saw an ancient temple complex by the road. The temple seemed to be occupied by monkeys, squatting there by the thousands.

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Pacu Luckana Lake Thailand

Finally fishing again!

During the past few weeks I've not had the opportunity to schedule a day so that I could sit down comfortably on one of my favourite lakes and pursue my favourite hobby of fishing.

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Truthahn mit Beilagen

Christmas in Isaan

If you've lived as an expat farang for a long time in Isaan, it can be especially pleasant to forget the local cuisine sometimes and get together with some good friends and organise a feast. So it was at Christmas this year, when a friend returned from Europe with some proper food and drink to supplement what we could buy locally.

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Unfall auf dem Highway 2 Thailand

Accident on Highway 2 towards Khon Kaen

A straight road, even in Thailand, should be safe for the worst drivers. In many cases, however, truck drivers get bored on a straight road and fall asleep and end up, at best, in the drainage ditch, where they might wake up again.

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Khuen Mae Ngat Chiang Mai 1

Khuen Mae Ngat reservoir in Chiang Mai

We were visiting Chiang Mai, where we spent some happy days. The timing of the trip had been chosen so that we'd miss the worst of the smog caused by open fires in the area of Chiang Mai. Fishing at Dream Lake Fishing Resort was also on the agenda, and about which we were very happy. Also, a trip the Mae Ngat Reservoir - Khuen Ngat Mae - was another day-out that promised us a wonderful time.

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Genuss aus dem Plastikbecher

The monkeys of Kumphawapi

About 45 kilometres from Udon Thani town is the town of Kumphawapi. Kumphawapi sits besides some lakes where from November to March there are an incredible number of red lotuses in bloom, but it also offers yet another attraction:

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Gecko Thailand 1

Gecko Family - Life between patio and carport roof

We already knew we had one of these little loudmouths living in the house. At first glance, there seemed to be only one or two specimens living between the carport roof and the terrace roof.

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grüne Raupe Thailand1

Big fat caterpillar

This fellow who now nibbles at leaves in the garden will soon fly by day as a butterfly, or at night as a large moth.

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Käfer in Thailand 1

A strange beetle

When it gets dark in the evening at the house, sometimes the strangest insects gather under the artificial lighting fixtures, and their predators too. The dinner is then served, so to speak! :-) This beetle, however, managed to hold out until the next morning, without being eaten. I saw him there in the morning and then moved him to a field, where I hope he still lives.

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