Tempeleinweihung in Zentralthailand 11

Dedication of a temple in central Thailand

We were invited to the dedication of a temple in Central Thailand. Good friends of ours had decided to ensure their future good karma through a donation of one of the 9 Luk Nimit stones.

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Centipedes in Thailand can reach a substantial size. This fellow has not yet reached its maximum length, but still was a lot larger than most of his
European cousins.

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A new fish species

Once again it was Luckana Lake which produced a surprising catch.

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Thai Siri Markt Udon Thani Thailand

Thai Siri market in Udon Thani

Some impressions of the evening bustle at the Thai Siri market: Thai take-away, grilled chicken and fish, som tam salad bar and saikrog Isaan - variety has no limits as in some of the smaller markets in Thailand.

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Pickup mit Reifen überladen

Thailand - A pickup truck loaded with tires

It's not always the camera is at hand, but at least sometimes:

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Unfall Zuckerrohrlaster Thailand Udon Thani

Sugar cane truck overturns

The catastrophically overloaded trucks that bring the raw sugar cane from the field to the refinery tend to tilt even on a straight road. Here on a bend, the driver was probably a bit too fast, happily nobody was injured in the accident.

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Blastercar Udon Thani Thailand

Small car, big sound

By chance I came across a garage, where a small car was being worked on. Nothing special, but the guys had just done a sound check, which made me aware of the tinkering. The sound was great, the volume infernal!

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 Wat Phra Puttabat Si Roi

Wat Phra Puttabat Si Roi - Chiang Mai

We visited the temple Wat Phra Si Puttabat Roi in Chiang Mai today, and we want to record this without much text. The coordinates of the temple, and a map can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Scorpion Thailand


This scorpion was on his way into the house when he was discovered and eventually ended up under a shoe. Scorpions in Isaan are usually not tolerated and are eliminated fairly uncompromisingly, especially if they are discovered in the house.

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Ratten in Thailand

Rats on the way to be eaten

Again and again you can hear in the news reports from Thailand that the consumption of rats is rising sharply and that rodents are a speciality import from Cambodia. On the way to Chiang Mai we noticed this pickup with it's cargo, and only on second glance we realized what was being transported in the cages:

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