Pickup mit Schubkarren total überladen.

Need wheelbarrow?

How many wheelbarrows are there on this pickup? Whoever guesses the exact number wins - a wheelbarrow :-)

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Praying to the beer glass

This small praying mantis landed on the rim of one of our beer glasses.

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Lizard with prey - frog

This little fellow was caught on camera preying on a small frog.

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Giant Moth

We spotted this large moth sunning herself on the terrace.

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Geckos seem to particularly like living behind the compressors of air conditioners that are mounted on the walls outside many houses.

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Huai Luang Reservoir

Evening at the Huai Luang Reservoir

The approximately 24 square kilometers of Huai Luang Reservoir is about 9 km from the road between Udon Thani and Nongbua Lamphu.

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Flatrate Angeln

Different fishing

Outside Udon there are countless small private ponds amongst the fields. Now it happens from time to time that the owner of such a pond thinks he might be able to earn some money, with no investment. 'Flat-rate' fishing has now become quite popular among Thais. We were informed that there would be such an event locally so we decided to go there, not for fishing ourselves but just to see what was going on, and to take some photos.

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Parade in Non Sung

Bun Bang Fai - Festival in Non Sung

"On Saturday we're going to Non Sung, darling. There will be traditional Thai dances to admire, and a parade and home-made rockets!" I'd seen traditional dances and parades many times before, but home-made rockets? That sounded tempting and I agreed that I'd partner my wife for the day.

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Baum mit großen Früchten 1

A tree with strange fruits

We spotted this tree growing on the grounds of a temple in the province of Nongbua Lamphu, next to the house of a monk.

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Pickup hebt gleich ab

The maximum load capacity is exceeded!

It surprised us that the front wheels had not lost contact with the road. Unfortunately, we were not driving over any bumps, otherwise the sight might have been a lot more interesting.

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