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5 Passagiere auf einem Mopde

Five on a moped - again!

Whoever drives on Thai roads should never forget to regularly use the rear-view mirror.

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Stau auf der Autobahn

A Truck Loses It's Load

Someone had forgotten to secure his load properly. Here in Thailand, the Thais usually know exactly what a reasonable load is and how to secure it.Today on the highway to Sakon Nakhon, we found that suddenly traffic was diverted to only one lane and there was a crowd gathering.

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Pickup mit Schubkarren total überladen.

Need wheelbarrow?

How many wheelbarrows are there on this pickup? Whoever guesses the exact number wins - a wheelbarrow :-)

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Pickup hebt gleich ab

The maximum load capacity is exceeded!

It surprised us that the front wheels had not lost contact with the road. Unfortunately, we were not driving over any bumps, otherwise the sight might have been a lot more interesting.

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Pickup mit Reifen überladen

Thailand - A pickup truck loaded with tires

It's not always the camera is at hand, but at least sometimes:

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Ladungssicherung thailändisch

Thai trucks loaded completely

Cargo securing can be accomplished in many different ways: on the one hand there is the opportunity to lash the cargo properly,on the other hand, you could put someone on top to take charge of the load. :-)

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Pickup mit Körben überladen

Baskets until you drop

This driver has packed plenty of plastic baskets on his pickup truck. Always funny to see how do the Thais manage to do this, but only so long as nothing bad happens.

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