Photoblog Thai leisure activities

Rainy season in Udon Thani; mushrooms, bamboo and more

For many weeks we have been sweltering in Udon Thani and cursed at the heat. Farangs and Thais suffer this together, and everyone groans and whines and longs for cooler days.

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rocket day

Rocket Day

Every so often we hear about a 'bang fai' meeting close to Udon. This is a competition between makers of home-made rockets. Naturally this is also a golden opportunity for closet gamblers to make an appearance.

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Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort

There's not much that you can't find somewhere in Isaan! Professional skydiving for everyone at the Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort.

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Baan Yoga

In Udon Thani you can find Baan Yoga, unlike Muay Thai - but not so very different in that it provides exercise and self-control!

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Thai Boxing - Muay Thai

Although Udon Thani is not exactly a hotbed of Thai boxing, there is the opportunity for both Thais and farangs to learn this sport competently.

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Trilert Badminton Club Udon Thani

Here you can find the top local players practising, and at the same time interested farangs can play without sunburn and rain.

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Udon Thani Shooting Club

Here's just the thing for any weapons enthusiasts out there - the Udon Thani Shooting Club.

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Udon Thani Tennis Club

If there are any tennis players out there amongst our readers, here's something that should interest you.

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