Photoblog Thai festivals

Songkran Udtown 2013 set up 1

Preparations for Songkran

In Udon Thani, preparations are well underway for this year's Songkran festival! In the city from the 12th of April you will find entertainment, water games, contests and much more, in various locations.

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Hochzeitsfeier auf dem Lande im Isan 1

A Country Wedding in Isaan

Those of you who've been invited to a wedding reception in Thailand might expect it to be held in the banquet room of a large hotel or restaurant, where several courses are served and traditional Thai entertainment is provided on a stage.

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Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong is celebrated all over Thailand, couples take their floats to any water and set them adrift.

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The King's Birthday

We were in Pattaya for HM the King's birthday, the 5th of December, also commonly called Father's Day.

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Parade in Non Sung

Bun Bang Fai - Festival in Non Sung

"On Saturday we're going to Non Sung, darling. There will be traditional Thai dances to admire, and a parade and home-made rockets!" I'd seen traditional dances and parades many times before, but home-made rockets? That sounded tempting and I agreed that I'd partner my wife for the day.

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Tempeleinweihung in Zentralthailand 11

Dedication of a temple in central Thailand

We were invited to the dedication of a temple in Central Thailand. Good friends of ours had decided to ensure their future good karma through a donation of one of the 9 Luk Nimit stones.

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