Photoblog Rainy season

Rainy season in Udon Thani; mushrooms, bamboo and more

For many weeks we have been sweltering in Udon Thani and cursed at the heat. Farangs and Thais suffer this together, and everyone groans and whines and longs for cooler days.

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Mekong mit normalem Pegelstand

The Mekong - Nong Khai

At times we leave Udon and drive about 30 miles north to Nong Khai. There, there is a German bakery (which we will write a separate article about), the Indochina market, and of course the Mekong river.

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Reisfelder bei Nongbua Lamphu

Rice fields in Nongbua Lamphu

If you drive from Udon Thani on the newly completed 4-lane highway 210 to Nongbua Lamphu and from there continue on towards Non Sang, then you drive alongside rice paddies almost all the way.

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Rainy season is rainy season

As an avid angler in Thailand it's easy to become complacent by the generally dry weather. In the rainy season, though, one has to study the forecasts and work out when it's the best time to go, avoiding the occasional tropical showers.

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Frosch 1 in Udon Thani Thailand

Nightly concerts during the rainy season

Depending on the noise volume of the night and of course on where you live in Udon Thani, during the rainy season involuntary listeners can hear nightly concerts of a very particular style of music.

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