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Rainy season in Udon Thani; mushrooms, bamboo and more

For many weeks we have been sweltering in Udon Thani and cursed at the heat. Farangs and Thais suffer this together, and everyone groans and whines and longs for cooler days.

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Rice cutting in Isaan

Rice Harvesting in Isaan

In the last month everyone will have seen Thai villagers out in the fields harvesting the rice crop.

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Udorn Sunshine Fragrant Orchid - Der Wegweiser

Udon Sunshine Fragrant Orchid

For a short but worthwhile visit, why not try the Udorn Sunshine Fragrant Orchid. Where: from the ring road enter Nongsamrong on the 2024 road, then after about 100 m turn left at the sign. 

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Reisernte mit der kleinen Sichel

Rice harvest in Udon Thani

When the rainy season is over in Udon Thani, and the rice is ready to harvest, the workers take to the fields. Often, the fields are in their area too small to be worthwhile using a combine harvester. Here the harvested rice doesn't go to the markets, but is distributed amongst the farm workers and the families of the farmers.

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Kham Chanod

The soul of an ancient tree

The Thai people are particularly superstitious, and this manifests itself in many aspects of day-to-day life.

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Baum mit großen Früchten 1

A tree with strange fruits

We spotted this tree growing on the grounds of a temple in the province of Nongbua Lamphu, next to the house of a monk.

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