Photoblog On our own behalf

An elephant visits

An Elephant Visits Me

There I was, having a quiet drink at home with a friend, when I spotted an elephant coming down the road towards us.

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Photo shoot at the pond

Yesterday we started to write our article about the fish in Thailand and methods for catching them, so we arranged to have the photo session at a private pond.

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Pla Sawai / Striped Catfish / Streifenwels / Pangasius


We decided that our weekly fishing trip would again be at Sabai Sabai Fishing Park. We had already spent some really nice days there, but without any really spectacular catches, but we were still hopeful.

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Another new fish on the list

Our first fishing experience at Sabai Sabai Fishing Park had been very positive and so we decided to return yesterday to see if we could continue with our success.

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A new fish species

Once again it was Luckana Lake which produced a surprising catch.

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