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Saturday night market Nong Khai

The Saturday Night Market in Nong Khai

Been before? The Saturday night market in Nong Khai is well worth a look. It's held every Saturday from 5 to 10 pm on the waterfront - Rim Kong Road to Walking Street - in the upstream direction. From Udon Thani it's about 63 Km.

The coordinates and a map can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Chang and Archa Beer

Beer in Thailand

There are two main brewers in Thailand, the Thai Beverage company (better known as ThaiBev), and the Boon Rawd Brewery.

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Ratten in Thailand

Rats on the way to be eaten

Again and again you can hear in the news reports from Thailand that the consumption of rats is rising sharply and that rodents are a speciality import from Cambodia. On the way to Chiang Mai we noticed this pickup with it's cargo, and only on second glance we realized what was being transported in the cages:

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Truthahn mit Beilagen

Christmas in Isaan

If you've lived as an expat farang for a long time in Isaan, it can be especially pleasant to forget the local cuisine sometimes and get together with some good friends and organise a feast. So it was at Christmas this year, when a friend returned from Europe with some proper food and drink to supplement what we could buy locally.

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Ameiseneier Thailand

Ant eggs, rodents and other specialties

If you drive on the now continuous 4-lane highway 210 from Udon in the direction of Nongbua Lamphu, then you will find a small market just after the village of Nong Wua So, right on the roadside, which at first glance is a typical Thai market. If one, however, were to examine the goods offered a little closer, then you realize quickly that sometimes there are some very specific specialities.

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Stephan und Mae Thawon in Kut Chap

For the farmer sausage or pork knuckle to Kut Chap

We received a friendly email from registered Udon News Member Stephan, informing us that about 20 kilometers from the city limits of Udon Thani,
in the town of Kut Chap there's now farmer sausages, rye bread and other goodies available, produced according to traditional recipes.

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