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Wat Phu Tok

Wat Phu Tok in Bueng Kan

Wat Phu Tok is a great place to visit in the cooler months. During the rainy season the climb over the wooden planks can be very dangerous, and in the summer there is a risk of catching heat stroke.

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Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Wat Phra Keaw Sorn roughly translates as temple on a high glass cliff.

We have visited many ancient temples in Thailand, but this one is unique. In many descriptions I've read, it is known as the most beautiful temple in Thailand, although it is not very well known. Whether this superlative is justified, you may judge for yourselves.

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Khao Kho in Phetchabun

Khao Kho - the Thai Switzerland

KHAO KHO - that is the goal today. The wild mountain region in the province of Phetchabun is nicknamed the 'Thai Switzerland'.

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Wat Tham Si Mongkhon

From Si Chiang Mai to Nong Khai - a trip to the Mekong

A temple festival has once again prompted us to plan a trip to the adjoining province of Nong Khai.

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Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park

Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park is also known as the Thai Kunming, because of its resemblance to the world-famous rock garden near the city of Kunming in China, which is listed as a World Heritage Site.

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Bang Saen 2

Beach life, water sports and floating restaurants in Isaan? Sure! Not so far away and plenty of fun! Looks like the Mediterranean.

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Namtok Than Ngam Forest Park - Ein Wasserfall

Waterfall in Than Ngam Forest Park

A nice day-trip from Udon Thani is a visit to the waterfall in the forest park at Than Ngam, near Nong Saeng in Thap Kung District.

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Koh Chang

After a hectic few days in Pattaya, we visited Koh Chang in Trat province, for a much more relaxed time.

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Srinakarindra Dam

We visited Srinakarindra Dam, power station and reservoir in Kanchanaburi province, to the west of Bangkok.

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Ping-River 1

Ping River, Chiang Mai

The 400 miles long Ping River passes through Chiang Mai on it's way down to join up with the Nan River at Nakhon Sawan.

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