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Amazon red-tailed catfish

A pleasant day at Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

I paid my second visit to Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park yesterday, as the weather was considerably cooler than of late. The venue appeared much as I remembered it, clean, tidy, and quiet. As we started to fish, we immediately caught fish, mostly pla nai (carp) up to a kilo, but a few other species as well, including a pla caho (giant Siamese carp) of mabe three kilos.

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The central walkway in the evening

24 Hours at Bungsamran

Last month we found ourselves in Bangkok and decided to visit the famous Bungsamran fishing lake, at Bang Kapi.

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Cha Am Fishing Park

Cha Am Fishing Park - The Return

It had been 18 months since my last trip to Cha Am Fishing Park

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Angeln in Nong Han

Of large catfish, pacus and outstanding singers

Tips from anglers that tell us about as yet unknown fishing waters in our area are always welcome. We heard a report from an angler about a small pond in Nong Han, in which there were pacus and other fish to catch.

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V.S. Fishing Park

A visit to VS

Over a year has passed since we last visited VS Fishing Park in Nong Khai. Had it changed much in the meantime? On our last visit we found it rather unkempt and filthy, but how had the fish population developed? In short, the lake and it's banks were as dirty as before, but we were prepared for that so decided to fish anyway.

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Gewicht des Riesenkarpfens

What a fish!

Our goal was clearly defined when we met up at 9 o'clock in the morning and made our way to Tha Bo - to catch one of the legendary carp that were
rumoured to live in the lake.

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Siamesischer Riesenkarpfen - Pla Caho - Udon thani - Thailand

A fish can save the day ..

I wanted to try out my newly acquired fishing reel, a small Shimano multiplier, so we decided to fish at a local private pond.

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Big Wai

Showdown on Lake Luckana

Sometimes an angler has a sort of premonition that on a certain day there would be a high probability of a good catch?

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Rainy season is rainy season

As an avid angler in Thailand it's easy to become complacent by the generally dry weather. In the rainy season, though, one has to study the forecasts and work out when it's the best time to go, avoiding the occasional tropical showers.

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Photo shoot at the pond

Yesterday we started to write our article about the fish in Thailand and methods for catching them, so we arranged to have the photo session at a private pond.

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