Photoblog Accidents

Stau auf der Autobahn

A Truck Loses It's Load

Someone had forgotten to secure his load properly. Here in Thailand, the Thais usually know exactly what a reasonable load is and how to secure it.Today on the highway to Sakon Nakhon, we found that suddenly traffic was diverted to only one lane and there was a crowd gathering.

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Unfall Zuckerrohrlaster Thailand Udon Thani

Sugar cane truck overturns

The catastrophically overloaded trucks that bring the raw sugar cane from the field to the refinery tend to tilt even on a straight road. Here on a bend, the driver was probably a bit too fast, happily nobody was injured in the accident.

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Unfall auf dem Highway 2 Thailand

Accident on Highway 2 towards Khon Kaen

A straight road, even in Thailand, should be safe for the worst drivers. In many cases, however, truck drivers get bored on a straight road and fall asleep and end up, at best, in the drainage ditch, where they might wake up again.

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