Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Wat Phra Keaw Sorn roughly translates as temple on a high glass cliff.

We have visited many ancient temples in Thailand, but this one is unique. In many descriptions I've read, it is known as the most beautiful temple in Thailand, although it is not very well known. Whether this superlative is justified, you may judge for yourselves.

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Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Located in the mountainous region of Khao Kho in Phetchabun province, it is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of about 830m, in a unique mountain landscape with clear air and cool temperatures.

GPS: 16.78845 N, 101.05119 E

If you drive along highway 12 to Lom Sak, it's near Kheam Son on the right, far away on a hilltop. The giant Buddha statues can be seen from afar. From Udon Thani it is about 270 Km.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

There is a really special, spiritual atmosphere here. The area was a sacred place for a long time prior to the temple's establishment. The legends tell of a glistening crystal ball that floated in the air over the top of the hill and then disappeared into a cave there. It is believed that this was a holy relic, which was returning home.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

The entire temple is covered with over 5 million fragments of tiles, ceramics, jewelery etc., all hinting at cosmic elements.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Hugely creative, and all done without any plans.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw 


Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Here you can well appreciate the size of the statues. The view from the pagoda to the towering statues of 5 Buddhas sitting in a staggered size each behind the other, and looking out over the mountains.

Actually, the whole complex should have been be completed by the end of 2013, but it is still work in progress in some places.

We were unable to find out the meaning of the 5 Buddhas.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Buddhism teaches that Nirvana can only be achieved if one does not strive for worldly possessions.

Countless Buddhists from all over Thailand came here and brought donations in the form of jewelry, precious stones, Benjarong porcelain and more. Everything has been incorporated into the structure, even a few wrist-watches.

Visitors are reminded that theft generates bad karma. Many stories are told of people who have taken gems - and then brought them back. Also, there are stories of those who didn't return the gems - their car broke down, or they had an accident (be warned).

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

This beautifully designed, small sala is situated in the flower garden on a slope, and serves as a place for the monks to meditate. It resembles a pumpkin, and the glass works are reminiscent of Tiffany!

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

The view from here is truly breathtaking!

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

This is the great monastery, where the monks and lay visitors live.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Cosmic mosaics are incorporated in the floor.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

The other flooring is made of white cement, inlaid with a myriad of broken glass in ornaments and ribbons. This was then sanded smooth.

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

The temples of Thailand will never disappoint, they are all so beautiful, but after the first 10 visits they begin to resemble each other. This is not the case here!

A visit here will never be forgotten! It is unique!


posted on: 19.11.2014 - last update on: 27.11.2014

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Latitude: 16.78845
Longitude: 101.05119

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