The monkeys of Kumphawapi

About 45 kilometres from Udon Thani town is the town of Kumphawapi. Kumphawapi sits besides some lakes where from November to March there are an incredible number of red lotuses in bloom, but it also offers yet another attraction:

Affenmutter mit Nachwuchs

Once you have found the park where the monkeys live, then you can spend some time and watch the scamps with their brazen antics.

Whether the bottles were emptied by the monkeys, we can't say for sure

Affe ziemlich bedröppelt

This fellow appeared to be not entirely sober!

Affe spielt mit Antenne

A driver had parked his pickup truck in the park and didn't think that his ariel would be of interest to the monkeys. It wasn't long before the ariel was history!

Antenne gehört der Vergangenheit an

Anyone who uses the rubbish bins in the park disposing of plastic cups can watch the monkeys plundering the bins a short time later.

Affe am Mülleimer

Affe im Mülleimer

Affe erfolgreich am Mülleimer

The enjoyment of a variety of plastic containers is omnipresent.

Genuss aus dem Plastikbecher

The loud cries of monkeys and a little girl  attracted the attention of some visitors to the park. No idea what it was about..

Affentheater mit einem Mädchen

but not everyone was interested in the end.

Desinteresse am Affentheater

Kühe bei den Affen

Besides the seemingly stoned monkeys shown above, the cows in the park were very relaxed, not causing the slightest problem! Anyone interested in the monkeys of Thailand will surely also enjoy our report on the brazen monkeys of Lopburi. At the bottom of this page you can find a map showing directions to the monkey park in Kumphawapi.

posted on: 08.09.2012 - last update on: 03.07.2020

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