Rainy season is rainy season

As an avid angler in Thailand it's easy to become complacent by the generally dry weather. In the rainy season, though, one has to study the forecasts and work out when it's the best time to go, avoiding the occasional tropical showers. We identified such a day, and set off to fish at Sabai Sabai again. The last few weeks had been very rainy, and sometimes a trip that we'd planned the night before had to be postponed because of torrential rain.

The morning in question was a bit overcast, but was dry, at least for the next few hours or so. The small private pond behind the house of my fishing partner had filled up rapidly during the last two weeks water, and so we were not overly surprised to find the lake of Sabai Sabai filled almost to overflowing.

Sabai Sabai Udon Thani

Sabai Sabai Udon Thani 2

We moved into one of the small shelters, which are grouped around the lake, and prepared our tackle. One of lake's staff handed us a flyer, which said that the fishing was to be charged at a reduced rate - apparently we are not the only anglers, during the rainy season, who didn't go fishing so often.

I started the day legering, using bacon as bait. I decided to use a big hook and a big bait, to try to keep the little pacus away. Anyway, I cast out and immediately had a bite on the sinking bait. But only on the bait, though, the hook was too big for their mouths - no matter, I didn't want to catch any small Pacus.

My fishing partner was temporarily busy trying to catch a livebait on his pole. The first two tilapia were too big and a little later he gave up and decided to try just a tilapia head.

Soon it became clear that I wouldn't catch anything with my outsize hook - plenty of bites but no fish. I scaled down my rig. A little later my friend had the first nice catch of the day; a decent-sized spotted featherback had taken the fish-head.


Re-think time for me: I decided to switch to the long-reliable Farmhouse bread - of course with a smaller hook. My float was never still, and small pacus, tilapia, a goby - they were all keen on Farmhouse.

Once again at Sabai Sabai it was only the usual suspects for me, but it was still a very enjoyable day. Late afternoon clouds became darker and darker and we packed up just as the rain started to fall.

posted on: 12.09.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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