Mushroom season

When the rainy season begins in Isaan, mushrooms start growing in many areas, in the woods especially. Their diversity is impressive, with lots of different shapes, sizes and colours.We went to the market in Nong Wua So to photograph the many species.

Pilze in Thailand

Pilze in Thailand 2   Pilze in Thailand 3

Pilze in Thailand 4

Pilze in Thailand 5   Pilze in Thailand 6

Pilze in Thailand 7

Pilze in Thailand 8  

Pilze in Thailand 10

Pilze in Thailand 11   Pilze in Thailand 12

Pilze in Thailand 16

Pilze in Thailand 17

In addition to the many fungi, there were also a few other specialties on offer: Hornets` nests, including the dormant larvae in the honeycombs

Hornissennest   Hornissennest 2



Quail, raw or cooked

Wachteln   Wachteln gegrillt

and quail eggs


Turtles on sale next to a smorgasbord of hornets' nests including larvae, offal of unknown animals, some rodents, various fried insects, and plastic bags containing something unknown: gag!

Schildkröten   Gemischtes Angebot

Water beetles - called in Thai Mangda or Maengda, that live mainly in the rice fields, where they are caught at night by setting up strong lights to attract them. They are either eaten fried, or processed as an ingredient in chili paste, which with vegetables and rice is a popular meal in Thailand. The beetles are visually very similar to giant cockroaches, which might put visitors to Thailand off!

Wasserkäfer Mangda

posted on: 27.09.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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