Khao Suan Kwang Zoo

On our first visit shortly after the opening last year, we were quite disappointed. A friend working there told me that much has been done in the intervening time, so we gave it a second chance:

Udon-News thanks 'Maithai', a member of Udon News Forum, for the following excellent report.

From Udon Thani drive about 66 km south towards Khon kaen to Ban Khao Suan Kwang. Turn left at the main intersection.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Die Zufahrtstraße

The access road - from here it's about 6 km.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Am Haupteingang

The entrance to the grounds. Total improvement from the previous visit. It also seems to be a whole new site - very pleased and surprised! Open from 8 am to 4 pm, but you can stay longer if you stay the night. Admission: at the moment until the 30th of September there's a promotion; 2 people for 70 - baht. The prices after this are not yet known. Children up to 120 cm in height are free.

You can stay at the campsite in existing small tents for 200 baht per night and in larger tents for 400 baht per night. Also there are rooms or cottages with aircon for 1100 baht per night.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Golfkarts

At the entrance you can rent electric buggies for 300 baht per hour.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Tourbusse

We opted for the open tour bus for 20 bah per person.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Im Tourbus

We went with a small mixed group. Everything is new and very nicely done. The bus stops at various spots so you can get off to take pictures. It's a good system!

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Das Bärengehege

The bear enclosure - spacious and friendly (from a human point of view!)

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Ein Insasse im Bärengehege

One of the 'inmates', a Malayan Sun Bear.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Das begehbare Vogelhaus

A great idea is the walk-in aviary, in a huge space and with beautiful birds, free-running and flying (to an extent).

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Wanderweg im Vogelhaus

Inside you can move freely on paths and bridges - between the birds.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Vögel aus der Nähe 1

Isn't that fantastic?

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Vögel aus der Nähe 2

I've never seen one so close - Victoria crowned pigeon.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Weißes australisches Känguru

Outside the enclosure - an albino Bennet's Wallaby, from Australia.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Die Zufahrt zum Affengehege

The monkey department was yet open. We were told that the monkeys would be trained! (Monkey show?), Oh well!

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Ein weißes Nashorn

Most animals in the cages, however, indulged in the favorite pastime in Thailand - sleeping! White Rhino.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Das Löwengehege

The lion enclosure.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Ein weisser Löwe

With the boss in the middle. One of the few with eyes halfway open - a white lion.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Weiße Tiger

And even white tigers - asleep, but still beautiful!

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Kulissenarchitektur  Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Ein Haus für Erdmännchen  Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Ein Erdmännchen

The meerkat house.
Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Freifliegende Großvögel

Another huge outdoor enclosure - this time for free-flying big birds like vultures and eagles. Hugely impressive when a bird with a 2.80 m wingspan flies just over your head.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Wanderweg im Vogelhaus      Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Dammwildfütterung

Also here you can walk around freely inside. Several areas with different types of deer. The areas are all joined to each other, you can just drive through. At the junctions of the road surface is a kind of 'cattle grid' that animals cannot cross. Feeding is also permitted - the driver has something for everyone!

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo - Wassertheater

Not yet open - a water theater. Here there will probably be shows with aquatic life. Seals, dolphins, orcas? (Maybe not). Overall - very well done. Nice atmosphere - the weekends may well be crowded though. Much is not yet finished, still under construction, but it's well worth a visit anyway.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo

posted on: 13.09.2013 - last update on: 21.10.2013

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