For the farmer sausage or pork knuckle to Kut Chap

We received a friendly email from registered Udon News Member Stephan, informing us that about 20 kilometers from the city limits of Udon Thani,
in the town of Kut Chap there's now farmer sausages, rye bread and other goodies available, produced according to traditional recipes. Stephan asked if we could write a small article on his operation, and we replied that 'Sure we want to report it, if in the middle of Isaan, away from the big cities, someone tries to satisfy the culinary desires of immigrants settled there. So we started out on the road to Kut Chap, to pay an unannounced visit to Stephan and his Thai wife in their open air restaurant.

Shortly before our arrival we had to phone Stephan for directions as we'd forgotten what he told us in his email. Stephan, however, steered us quickly and easily to his place.

Stephan und Mae Thawon in Kut Chap

We were initially disappointed to learn that Stephan didn't have any of his specialties in stock and we wouldn't be able to enjoy the home-baked bread and fresh sausages. If we had only notified him in advance! Stephen explained that he only produces his specialities on demand, to ensure the daily freshness which he demands of his products. Our bad luck was caused by the fact that his falang clientele were mostly home on holiday, thus reducing his daily production to a minimum - in short, he was unfortunately already sold out.

Next time we'll announce our visit and thus guaranteeing ourselves farmer sausage, pork knuckle, fried fish and fresh bread. He also makes home-made hamburgers, which we'd also like to try!

Stephen's wife takes care of the operation of the culinary delights of Thai customers. Their Tom Kha (coconut soup) is a big hit with not only the Thai clientele, says Stephan, but traditional Khao Pad (fried rice), som tam (papaya salad) in many variations, and a spicy Guttiau (noodle soup) provide plenty of customers with satisfaction in the small restaurant.

Stephan und Mae Thawon Lokal in Kut Chap

We're still missing some information on the prices to complete this report, but so far we have:

  • Farmer sausage 90 grams / 35 baht
  • Hamburger / 40 baht
  • Baked fish Dutch style / 45 baht
  • fresh marinated pork knuckle / 45 baht per serving
  • Rye bread or white bread 500 grams / 150 Baht - 750 grams / 200 Baht

Stephans Spezialitäten in Kut Chap

And from the Thai Kitchen

  • Som Tam (papaya salad) / 20-40 baht
  • Guttiau (noodle soup) / 25-35 baht
  • Khao Pad (fried rice) / 35-45 baht
  • Tom Kha / 40 baht

The hungry farang should phone prior to his visit to Stephen and Mae Thawon - the grilled knuckle especially needs a day's notice!

Stephan Phone: +66 (0) 86 227 479 5

posted on: 11.07.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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