Cha Am Fishing Park - The Return

It had been 18 months since my last trip to Cha Am Fishing Park, and in that time I'd been boring my mates senseless with the 'fact' that the lake owed me a big fish, having lost one the previous visit due to inadequate tackle. Now was my chance...

I took two heavy rods and a selection of baits. I started with one rod baited with bread, with the intention of catching a giant Mekong catfish or a giant Siamese carp, while the other was baited with dead fish in the hope of extracting my revenge.

In between a couple of dozen striped catfish, up to about 18 pounds, I managed to land a pla buek (Mekong giant catfish) of an estimated 40 - 45 kilos. I had scales to 30 kg, but they were hopelessly inadequate, so all I can say for certain is that it was over 30 kg (66 pounds). I usually carry 50 kg scales, but I lent them to a fellow-member of the Udon-News team and didn' get them back. Later I caught a pla tepa (Chao-Phraya catfish), estimated 50 kg.

Also during the day I caught a suckermouth catfish, an Asian red-tail catfish, and some bits and bobs. I went back to the hotel a happy man!

Cha Am Fishing Park

My selected spot.


Giant Mekong catfish, at least 66 lbs.


That's a big-un!


Again, at least 66 pounds, but maybe 110 (or more)!


I would have loved to know for certain how heavy those two fish were. From the photos, I'd say the estimate for the buek was too high, and for the tepa maybe too low. Next time I visit I'll bring 100kg scales - which probably means that I'll blank!

posted on: 01.03.2013 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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At 03/04/2013 - 17:30 wrote the Udon-News-Team

Nice fish, mate! You will find your heavy scales at your place hiding somewhere inbetween the chaos of your tackle. :-)

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