Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort

There's not much that you can't find somewhere in Isaan! Professional skydiving for everyone at the Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort.

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Drive from the intersection at Big-C for about 84 km towards Sakon Nakhon and then turn left (signposted), and about another 7.4 km further you'll find Sai Mun Airfield and Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort.

Address: 174 Moo 18, Udon-Sakon Road, Tambon Sawang Dandin, 47110 Sakon Nakhon Province.
Tel: 081-260-5684, 081-974-0749

This huge and beautifully landscaped resort was built a few years ago as a kind of big adventure playground.

With it's own lake, waterways, restaurant, pool, bungalows and hotel, here you can practice all kinds of adventure sports such as jet-skiing and kayaking on the water, a climbing tower, motocross, mountain biking and ATV riding on the grounds, as well as, on its own airfield, scenic flights and skydiving. All equipment is available for rent.

Apparently a superb place, but unfortunately during our visit we saw much of it was unused and un-cared for. The restaurant was closed, the pool full of algae, sports equipment lying about in the halls - it apparently lacks the required number of guests! Therefore, check beforehand if you're intending to visit.

The hotel building has nice rooms for 1,200 baht, and bungalows for 1600 baht. Beautiful facilities - we want the owners to strongly increase visitor numbers. Maybe the whole idea is a little ahead of their time in Isaan!

The owner Khun 'Bird' Yukonton Limpanit and his wife.

The main attraction here is the resort's own Sai Mun Airfield.

It has a large hangar for several aircraft, a preparation room and a nice cafe with terrace. Here's the skydiving centre - when we went several jumpers were present, men and women, beginners and professionals. This airport is well known internationally because people even come from Singapore to practice here.

The beginner must first practice their exit technique from the aircraft.

Then proceed to this cute, colorful sports aircraft.

And after the free fall don't forget to open the parachute!

After landing you'll get picked up by a golf cart.

No, I did not take this photo myself - it was kindly given to me. It's a tandem jump, which can be booked by anyone, by appointment. A unique experience, because you can still tell your grandchildren what a thrill it was. It really is easy and safe, but the jumpers must have a special license for it and training.

A tandem jump costs 12,000 baht, with a video camera 16,500 baht.
A week training course for solo jumpers costs 94,000 baht.

Also in this sports aircraft tourist trips over Isaan are available. One hour round trip costs 8,500 baht per person for 3 people. A circuit of the airfield costs about 1,500 baht.

So - where are the most courageous people? Nice area - great experience! Try it out!

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