Ant eggs, rodents and other specialties

If you drive on the now continuous 4-lane highway 210 from Udon in the direction of Nongbua Lamphu, then you will find a small market just after the village of Nong Wua So, right on the roadside, which at first glance is a typical Thai market. If one, however, were to examine the goods offered a little closer, then you realize quickly that sometimes there are some very specific specialities.

Ant eggs

Ameiseneier Thailand 2


Ameiseneier Thailand

The eggs are used in salads or soups, and have a sour taste - not unpleasant. We also use them as bait to catch small fish.

Different insects

Insekten Thailand

Insekten Thailand 2

Fried locusts, grasshoppers and various beetles are sometimes fried with lemon leaves then seasoned.A popular snack in Thailand. The little grasshoppers especially taste pretty good to me.


Nagetiere Thailand

Nagetiere Thailand 2

I can`t get excited about this "specialty"! Apart from the fact that I have no idea what animals they are, I feel sorry for the little rascals!

all ready for further usage

Nagetiere Thailand verpackt

This presentation will remain without comment from me!


Geflügel Thailand

Gai Baan - naturally raised chickens not from battery farms or factory farms are very popular in Isaan. Needless to say, that also other poultry grown up in nature are gladly eaten by the Isaan gourmets!

Intestines and placentas

Innereien Thailand

This will come as no surprise to those visitors of Thailand who are not exclusively staying in hotels; Offal - and placentas of all imaginable animals are a distinct specialty in the North and Northeast Thailand .

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